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Wednesday, November 20, 2002

"I'd love to"

My microwave that is. (okay I'm no John Lennon) This morning I woke up and started the coffee and took out two bacon egg biscuits out of the freezer (I made like twelve bacon, egg, and cheese bisuits on english muffins and froze them for consumption later in the week) and put them in the microwave. I went to punch in a minute on the timer and nothing. Than I noticed that the microwave digital clock wasn't working. For a second I thought, well, someone must have unplugged it. But when I checked it was plugged in. I checked the breaker box in the basement and everything is fine. I got back home from work tonight and have hoped it would be working, but its just as dead as it was this a.m.. I mean, what the heck am I going to do now? I can't make it without my microwave. My parents said they would give me one (its amazing how parents have two of everything) but I work tomorrow and I'm going to have to wait for Friday night to get it. And tomorrow was supposed to be Encore Lasagna day, but I can't defrost it in the microwave now. Total bummer.

Well it looks like I'm not going to get laid off after all. Yesterday at work they laid off about half the building. Yours truly wasn't one of them (which is just amazing cause I'm like the third lowest person on the totem pole). Around 9am yesterday morning I got a call from one of my coworkers (my shift starts at 11:30am) and she was whispering "they're laying people off, four people so far". When I got into work about nine people had been laid off. What would happen is a person would get a call to go up to the bosses office on the second floor (and you just knew that person was getting the axe) and than they would come down all kinds of dejected and such. A total bad scene if I ever saw one. All in all they laid off about fiftee people. Most of the folks had more time in than I did. Five of them had over fifteen or twenty years with the company. A three pm my boss (the department I work in) was called up to the second floor. I thought for sure she would come back down and say our department was closing down. Ends up she was told our department was safe. Which is quite amazing cause, our department is not quite profitable. But I guess "not quite profitable" is good in a not so good economy. This is kind of bitter sweet though. I was so convinced that I was getting the axe that I had my next six months of unemployment planned out like one big vacation. So now at work (the folks that were laid off were told their last day was the day before Thanksgiving) is like the most depressing place in the world. What really stinks is now I am going to have to go in for a few hours on Thanksgiving to make up for that lack of folks that were scheduled to be at work. (Enough on this, I'm so rambling to much).

Your AP Site Takes A Stand!

Yea, thats right. For the better part of the two years that your AP Site has been in existence, we've pretty much said zero on the serious issues that affect our country (and world). We've been kind of wimpish on saying anything controversial, worried that would offend anyone. Well thats gonna stop now. Tonight we're going to set the record straight on where we stand on a few of the controversial issues facing us all. If you're offended, I'm sorry. But this is what we believe.

The Right To Bear Arms
Call me weird or something, but I have allways been partial to long sleeves. I do have a few short sleeve shirts (and in the summer you really don't have a choice, sometimes you have to wear them) but for me, long sleeves are so much more comfortable. I love work cause with all the computers they keep it really cool, which means on the hottest day in the summer, long sleeves are kind of nessicary. Of course you look weird when your leaving work, or stopping somewhere before you get to work, when its like a million degrees out and you practically have a sweater on, but oh well. I had a friend who told me once the reason I like longsleeves is cause I have an insecurity problem, but I don't buy that. I just dig long sleeves.

Race Relations
All my friends, and most of my coworkers, are football fans, pro and college. I do know this girl that digs figure skating (but she digs sushi too, so thats to be expected). I have one coworker who is so into N.A.S.C.A.R. and auto racing its not funny. I mean, when that Earnhardt guy died, you'd have thought it was 1963 and Kennedy just got shot. And he hates Jeff Gordon. Hates him with a passion. So anyway, every Monday when me and my coworkers are talking about the saturday and sunday football games, he's kind of not included (he doesn't watch them). He's like the black sheep of the family or something on Mondays. And I feel bad for him. Every now and again he brings up some car racing thing and the rest of us kind of nod and agree and than promplty change the subject. A couple Sundays ago I had to to a whole shift with just me and him. It was awkward, being alone with an auto racing fan (just a little scary, you know, not knowing what the heck he is talking about), but I made it through. If I see a bunch of NASCAR folks talking in social situation I just kind of nervously try to get away and not make to much eye contact.

Roe Versus Wade
I never got this one. If your not in a boat, you wade. If your in a boat you roe. I mean come on. Even Jesus knows that.

Seperation Of Church And State
This one particularly hits me the hardest. I remember when I first had to confront this issue. At first I was angry, than I was in denial, than I accepted it. It wasn't easy (and sometimes I still have an issue with it, but I take deep breaths and try not to think about it). I remember back when my father first mentioned it to me. I mean, I knew what the BIG TEN was. I knew there were ten teams in it. I heard rumors. But I remember when my dad told me this would be the last year that Penn State and Notre Dame would be playing each other, it was like someone sucker punched me in the stomach. No more games against the Irish? Why? What purpose does that serve? I mean that was like the greatest rivalry ever. Even Father Ulicney at our St. Joeseph's mentioned it at church one Sunday (well, he kind of made a snide remark about Joe Paterno being Italian and Catholic, but still coaching Penn State instead of Notre Dame, and it might have been funny, but this is serious stuff). This I'll never understand. Heck, they even still call it The Big Ten, like we're a crazy aunt in the attic that no one wants to aknowledge.

11/20/2002 08:42:00 PM
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