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Sunday, November 03, 2002

amanda peterson

I'm finally getting "Scarface" on tape!

Okay, that might not seem like much to anyone else. But the fact of the matter is, the movie "Scarface" is like my White Whale. I once rented it from the video store and tried to tape it but it had the taping protection thing on it. And every time its been on TV it seemed like I would find out about it after the fact. Not so tonight. I was ready with my VCR (and fresh tape) remote control and started taping at 8pm. Yup, its finally mine. I'm just hoping its not some two part deal (no one likes two part deals I'm sure) cause if it is I'm sure I'll screw it up tomorrow.

Here's an interesting news story; Echo of Sniper Has Little Effect on Violent Video Game's Sales. Yeesh. Eventually we'll get over the the misconception that TV or video games, or music, or the internet has anything to do with crimes now. As far as I can remember Ted Bundy only got the same amount of TV channels I did back in the early eighties (channel two through thirteen, with one being PBS and two or three CBS's). Manson didn't even watch TV (he listened to the radio, but only to the stations that did album rock). That Whitman dude (the Texas guy who shot a bunch of folks in that tower) didn't even own a TV. Those Columbine kids, sure they played "Doom", but they also had to deal with a "jockracy" at school. The two Maryland snipers, they didn't have enough money to get a hotel room and had to sleep in their sniper car in Maryland. I doubt that they were watching much TV or playing video games. Okay I better stop on this rant, otherwise I might offend parents of kids who kill folks because of the TV, or the internet, or video games (cause you know, it can't be the parents who have no idea that their Dylan Klebolds have assault rifles and explosives under their beds, because you know, it must be TV that made them that way). Damn that MTV for not checking under kid's beds and actually taking somewhat of an active interest in their lives. Damn that MTV.

On a less controversial note, I made mashed potatoes tonight (with tons of butter). I like to make a huge batch of mashed potatos at the beginning of the week. That way I can add it to any meal during the week. (Check out my smarts, a starch with every meal!).

Sometimes the NFL Flummoxes (sp?) Me

In the AFC East, division leader Miami has played seven games (5-2), the second place team Buffalo has played nine games (5-4), and third place Patriots (4-4) have played eight games. Even with a bye week for each team, how the heck does it work out like that? Maybe tomorrows Monday Night game has something to do with it (it probably does and what I'm writing now makes me seem like an idiot, but what the heck, it wouldn't be the first time).
Well anyway, I'm going to list the teams that I think are firmly in control of their own destiny (meaning they have a bunch of wins and only wierd luck can keep them from winning their division and going to the playoffs).
1). Philadelphia Eagles. This bums be out cause their cross state rivals (our beloved Steelers) have not sewed up their division. That totaly bums me out. But I guess the Eagles really are pretty good.
2). Green Bay Packers. For the longest time I thought Bret Favre was the beneficiary (sp?) of having a good offensive line and a good coach and what not. I might have to agree with Terry Bradshaw in thinking he might be the best NFL player there is right now.

And thats about it. The real bummer for the Eagles and the Packers is that they're peaking in the middle of the season (of course this might not be their "peak" but thats how it seems now), and there were a lot of teams that totally stunk at the beginning of the season that are doing really good now. The NFL is so weird now, it's so not what it used to be when you could look at your team's schedule and pretty much pick out the teams that your team would beat. Now, (and I hate to paraphrase), I guess its true what they say about any given Sunday. Yeesh, time to go to bed.

11/03/2002 07:02:00 PM
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