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Saturday, November 02, 2002

amanda peterson

Soon I can finally listen to Billy Joel's "Allentown" and really relate to it!!!
(without the half naked steelworkers dancing around)

Well it looks like Your Ap Site Author shall soon join the ranks of the unemployed. The company I work for is going to lay off a ton of folks in the next month and this time it looks like we shall fall victim. This may seem like a bad thing (well its not like its anything to celebrate) but the company I work for (its a very big company, I can't of course mention it here until after I am gone) is pretty decent about letting folks go. I'll probably get a somewhat decent severence package and of course unemployment benefits. Which should mean that I'll have the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays off. There is no way I am going to even start looking for a job until after the holidays. The department I work for will probably get the axe at the end of November. Here's something interesting, if you remember I reviewed a weblog Freeze The Flame a few months ago and realized half way through the review that the author of the blog actually worked for the same company I work for (except in a different state). Even his department in his state has felt the company cutbacks and he'll no longer be with the company soon as well (he certainly has a good outlook on it though!). (I think his website is down until tomorrow though). I guess I should feel bummed out about getting laid off but I'm really not. I'm kind of looking forward to taking a couple months off. And I certainly won't miss driving to work in the snow (it snowed the other day here, already). I will miss the super high internet connection speeds at work, and the free coffee though. I feel really bad for other folks that I work with. I've only been there for about five years (a couple more as a temp when I first started) but some of the folks I work with have been there for like fifteen years. Total bummer for them. I'm guessing my department will be shut down at the end of November which means if I take December and January off, I'll actually start looking for a job in the beginning of February the more I think about it. So anyways, come December and January, you're gonna see a lot of boredom posts here. I'll of course mention the frequent naps I take. And you certainly won't see any posts before noon (unless of course they were initally done at four in the morning or something).

Some folks go to the Poconos to vacation, I go there for a kings size bed.

I have to get up tomorrow morning (on a day off) and drive up North an hour and a half to meet my dad and my uncle at nine thirty in the a.m. Reason being; my Aunt who lives in the poconos has a full bedroom set (with a kingsize bed, presently we have a queen, or double or something). Well anyways, we're going to go get my aunt's bedroom set (dresser and stuff included) and than bring it back down to my place (my Aunt is getting a new bedroom set). Three weeks ago when they mentioned it to me I was thrilled, now that I have to wake up in the morning, I'm not so thrilled. It will totally stink tomorrow a.m. but I at least I know we're stopping at a Ponderosa on the way back to my place. I just don't know what I'm going to do with my old bedroom set.

"It was a pretty big year for fashion, A lousy year for rock and roll."

My neighbor Spencer and I were hanging out on our front porches this afternoon (He had the day off, I called in sick) and we got to talking about the folks that moved in the house directly accross the street from us (they moved in about a month ago). Its an elderly couple with, we've only seen the misses once but since they moved in we've seen the guy almost every day. He walks about a block to the newspaper store at the end of the block. Well anyway, we got to thinking (and this thinking might have something to do with the Coors Light we were drinking), that if anyone was the devil it would probably be this guy. Everyday we see him walking up the street with his suit and tie on (no matter what the temperature), being totally polite (he waved to us today) and stopping to chat with folks as they they walk by. Sometimes he'll stop and chat with other folks that live on the street that happen to be out on the front porch. Spence mentioned that song by Don Henley (Spence is a huge Eagles fan) "The Garden Of Alah" which I guess is a pretty good song. But his theory is, that if the big Satan dude every decided to walk around on earth he would be disguised as some very nice old guy. I'm starting to think now though, I need to get a hobby or something and stop talking to Spence on the front porch.

11/02/2002 08:17:00 PM
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