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Monday, November 25, 2002

Your AP Site Guide On Who Is Out Of NFL Playoff Contention

I know most folks like to predict who will win the Superbowl and what not. We've tried that here at Your AP Site and usually we end up looking like idiots. So I'll try predicting who will not be going to the Superbowl.

Houston Texans -No one expects an expansion team to win many games, so this is not a surprise at all. They did win three games, which is cool.

Cincinnati Bengals -No one expects the Cincinnati Bengals to win many games, so this is not a surprise at all.

Dallas Cowboys -Mathmatically they may be in, but I’m going to call it over for the Cowboys. I will say this (a complaint of mine from the mid nineties) I always liked Barry Switzer and I think he got a bad rap. When they won the Superbowl everyone said it was despite him, and when they didn’t everyone said it was because of him.

Chicago Bears -After last year, what the heck happened? I mean, what the heck happened? I guess though, after 1986 you can say "what the heck happened". I remember growing up listening to the "Superbowl Shuffle" and hearing about "The Monster In The Midway". I did see Jim McMahon doing a commercial for online betting a couple years ago.

Detroit Lions -I actually was going to call it over for them in the preseason but decided to wait til now.

Minnesota Vikings -They should never have gotten rid of Randall Cunningham and or Jeff George (gasp) I knew it was over for them then. I think that guy dying really put a number on them too.

Carolina Panthers -I really think that on Sunday they just gave up. I think just about that whole team gave up.

Arizona Cardinals -I call this the Marino trap. Jake the Snake is in the same position Marino was in. He’s got no supporting cast.

Seattle Seahawks -This is what the Green Bay Packers would have looked like had Brett Favre played for another team.

Washington Redskins -Even though some would say they do have a wild card shot, I'm saying its over just to spite Steve Spurrier. Although I was happy to see them beat the Rams. I also do think that whole controversy about their name offending Indians is pretty rediculous. I'd have no problem with an all Native American football team calling themselves The Custer Whoopers or The Little Big Horners, or something. Come to think of it, that would be pretty cool.

11/25/2002 08:22:00 PM
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