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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

amanda peterson

The Death Of "I Am Loveable And Capable"

I remember when I was in fourth grade they started this thing called I.L.A.C. Day. "I.L.A.C." meant "I am Loveable And Capable". I've mention this to like a million people I think and no one has ever heard of it so I guess it was just in my school. Well anyways, for ILAC day you would get a piece of construction paper and write your name on it. Than you would take a piece of yarn, put two holes in each of the upper left and right hand corners of the paper and tie the yarn to that and make an I.L.A.C. necklace. Well the idea of this was that anytime someone said something nice to you, you ripped off a piece of you ILAC tag and gave it to them. Well, of course this is fourth grade and who (outside of those teacher's pet losers) went around saying nice things about thier classmates? I remember someone saying something nice to me and actually refusing to give them a piece of my tag, which upset them and than they said something bad about me. Anyways that was a failure cause no one played the game. In fifth grade they did it the opposite. Anytime someone said something bad about you, you gave them a piece of your ILAC tag. Well of course you than had a classroom of kids saying bad things about each other and tearing up their tags. Some of us kids went home and told our parents about how much fun it was (to say bad things to other kids) and than there was no more ILAC day.

Here's a quandry. Here at work coffee costs fifty cents. For that fifty cents you get a styrofoam cup, coffee, sugar, and cream. Now what if I don't want the coffee (cause I want hot tea and I have my own teabag) and I just get the styrofoam cup, hot water, sugar and cream, am I obligated to pay the whole fifty cents? I think I'm obligated for something, maybe 15 cents if that. I'm not putting in fifty cents anymore. I'm just going with the fifteen cents.

"I'm superstitious. Before I start a new movie, I also kill a hobo with a hammer."
-Gwyneth Paltrow

I found this out from watching "King Of The Hill"; the smell of propane isn't actually the gas itself (the gas is odorless) the smell is put in as a safety mechnaism to alert you if there is a leak. Thats cool. And it shows you that watching tv is educational.

So I played the powerball again (last time I got only two numbers correct). I think its up to 160 million dollars. So if I win (at least over fifty million) I'll give everyone I link to $10,000 dollars (the personal blogs, not the blogs I've reviewed). I bought two tickets (ones out in the car I'll post that tickets numbers after my next break).
My hopefully lucky numbers:
6-4-10-31-7 powerball number 20
6-15-41-44-52 powerball number 41

Also if I win I promise not to whine and moan about anything for at least one month. Well, I will allow myself one complaint though, I'll complain about how high the taxes are for rich people (but only after I win, right now I could care less how much the rich have to pay).

Councilman: Give Bengals Tickets to Poor . I guess they're assuming cause your poor, you think that the Bengals stink less than say, rich people think they stink. I of course just feel bad for them.

12/18/2002 07:41:00 AM
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