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Friday, December 06, 2002

I got home last night around 10pm and had to shovel the front walk, and I was wearing my work security photo card and I think at this time it is under about a three foot high six foot wide pile of snow. The last time I remember seeing it was when I was shoveling, and I don't remember taking it off when I went inside. No one here at work has noticed that I'm not wearing it. Although I've been noticing alot of people not wearing theirs too. Hopefully someone doesn't find it and hand it into the police, that would be embarrassing.

My Hyundai and its super high car payments performed admirably (although I was white knuckling it) on the drive to work yesterday a.m. and last night. I passed a bunch of cars that went off the road on the way in to work, and a bunch of them were SUV's. I one day aspire to own one (does Hyundai make a cheap one?), but its always funny to see one stuck off the side of the road.

I just read that Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neil resigned. I really don't know what his job was (except go to Africa with Bono), but I'd like to have that job just to be able to have my signature on dollars bills.

I just took one heck of a power nap here at work. Probably the best nap I've had at work in months. I usually don't nap (I only get an hour) and it takes me like fifteen or twenty minutes to fall asleep, and once no one woke me up and I had to use an hour of vacation time to make up for it. But I took the risk and it was worth it.

After work I have to stop at Wal Mart on the way home, normally I love Wal Mart, but on a Friday night its a madhouse and the lines are forever. Also I have my Pittsburgh Steelers winter coat with me instead of my regular coat. My Steelers coat is huge and puffy, and when I wear it I feel like the Stay Puff Marsh Mellow Man, and in stores I'm always afraid I'm going to knock stuff off the shelves and its a pain to squeeze through groups of people in the aisle way.

So here's the list of stuff I'm getting from Walmart (I have so many deep thoughts tonight as you can see).

1) Ice Scraper-I lent my icescraper to a coworker yesterday who on the way home drove her car off the road and her car is in the shop and she can't make it into work until monday.
2) Cat Litter- I used all our spare cat litter on the walk so people wouldn't trip and sue for like ten million dollars cause they don't know how to walk.
3) Milk- Its a shopping list, of course milk will be on it.
4) Cat food wet and dry- How a bunch of cats who pretty much do nothing but sleep 18 hours a day and move around very little the six they are awake could have the appetites they do boggles the mind.
5) Dish Liquid- The anti bacterial stuff. Doctors say that it doesn't kill bacteria but they also say not to use it cause it will help cause super bacteria. So I guess they're wrong and it does work.
6) Socks- This kind of pees me off that I am running out of socks when its so close to Christmas and I have to buy them, cause my parents always buy me socks on Christmas. But I can't make it till then, there are just too many socks that are in just terrible shape and to few that are in good shape.
If I get really board tomorrow maybe I'll do my full shopping list (the major shopping happens on Sunday).

12/06/2002 08:53:00 AM
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