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Monday, December 23, 2002

Seven Dollars!!!!!!!!!

Well we won seven dollars in POWERBALL on Saturday. I actually thought I didn't win anything, I didn't know you could win money by matching certain amount of numbers and I got three on one ticket (thanks for the heads up Kim!). So I'm going to take that seven dollars and kick in another three tickets and we'll have another ten chances. Its up to about 280 million dollars so we'll go with $20,000 dollars for each of my links (personal blogs, not the ones I've reviewed). The only problem is that I'm not sure if I should play the same numbers. I know they weren't lucky on Saturday but what if one of those ten numbers come up on Christmas (the next drawing is the 25th) and I played new numbers? I mean, I'd throw myself off a roof or something. I'm buying the tickets after work tonight so tomorrow I'll post the numbers even if I just use the same ones. That would be the coolest of all Christmas presents. All I want for Christmas is 280 million dollars (I'd rather be the sole winner too)!

Its pizza day here at work, which means that the important people bought a bunch of pizza's for everyone. Well, everyone that wasn't laid off. Anyways, I can tell the economy is not doing well cause last year they brought in Pepsi too, but this year you have to buy your own Pepsi.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?
Joe Strummer, Frontman of The Clash, Found Dead Of Apparent Heart Attack. Guess he decided to go.

My gosh, the more I think about it, that was not a nice comment. Sorry. I do bet though cocaine had something to do with it. Like J. Entwhistle from the Who.

Okay this is kind of gross but I'm going to share it with everyone anyways. I woke up at like six this a.m. because it was so hot in the bedroom it wasn't funny. The living room is usually really cool in the mornings so I figured I'll sleep down there till 9am. As I'm about to fall asleep I hear a cat throwing up. My head was underneath a pillow so the direction it came from was hard to figure out. Well I got up and started looking and couldn't find it. I couldn't even find a cat anywhere downstairs. Now it might have been a phantom hack (you know when your cat tries to throw up but ends up not) but I could have sworn I heard the real deal. So unless my house is haunted by ghost cat (that pukes) there is cat throw up somewhere in the house. And its going to drive me crazy thinking about it today and where it might be.

Probably one of the coolest Christmas gifts I got when I was a kid was The Millenium Falcon (couldn't find a link to this toy). It was the one that you could actually fit the action figures into (not the small one with the really small figurines). It was also one of the most shortest lived gifts I ever had. I remember (weird I can remember this but can't remember birthdays and what not) I put Walrusman and Greedo in the pilots seats (as I recall you couldn't fit Hammerhead in cause of his huge head) and dropped it out my second story bedroom window to see how durable it was. Of course it wasn't (Greedo and Walrusman made it out okay). After my parents found out they confiscated my Boba Fett's ship Slave One (after some bickering I did get to keep the carbon froze Han Solo that came with it), and my Hoth Battle Station. I remember being upset about the Hoth Station cause I tried to argue that it wasn't a ship so it shouldn't be taken but they weren't buying that. I think I got the toys back a few days later.

"Fortunatley for Springfield, in space no one can hear you suck."
-Entertainment Weekly (the magazine) in its November 22nd 2002 edition (someone left it here at work), writing about Rick Springfield's 1983 video for the song "Human Touch" where he dances in a space ship.

I saw Attack Of The Clones for the first time yesterday and I have to say, I really liked it. As opposed to the Phantom Menace, which I just could barely tolerate. Seeing Yoda with the light sabre was awesome although I was kind of disappointed that he didn't kill Dooku, but I guess he didn't have a choice cause he had to save Obi-Wan and Annakin who pretty much just laid on the floor and moaned a lot until Dooku flew away. The next movie must be terribly depressing though, cause most of the folks in Attack Of The Clones aren't in Stars so I'm guessing the Dark Side is going to kick some rear ends. I do want to find out how Darth Vader was injured and had to wear that black mask with the breathing stuff.
Tonight I'm going to pre-make egg mcmuffins (my version of them) for the next two weeks. I've got an awesome system to doing it and I'll probably bore the heck out of anyone who reads this tomorrow with it.

Not only clinching the AFC North, the Pittsburgh Steelers also may have helped the Philadelphia Eagles secure homefield advantage throughout the playoffs. Oh it would be so cool to see both Championship Games go through Pennsylvania!!! (Not much else happens up here, so it would be cool!). Really, not much else happens up here.

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