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Thursday, December 19, 2002


I wrote a real letter!!!

I didn't get chance to blog today cause I was busy actually writing a real letter that I sent through real mail! You know (if you remember), you get a piece of paper and pencil or pen, and than you actually write out what you want to say (it is pain, actually having to write it, my brain was like three sentences ahead of my hand). Than you fold up the piece of paper and tuck it into an envelope. It kind of freaked me out that I had to lick the glue stuff on the envelope (it did taste kind of sweet though), but my gosh it brought back memories. Now check this out. I had to affix a stamp to the upper right hand corner of the envelope. I had to rummage through my desk to find the last book of stamps I bought but I found them. Unfortunatley I had to affix two stamps cause the postal rate has gone up like two or four cents since I last mailed something out. When I was done I put it in my mailbox (I hear tell that the postman will, instead of just dropping off bills, will actually take it with him and than somehow make sure it meets its destination). It was so nostalgic (sp?) to do it, I got that warm and fuzzy feeling, you know, like I was thirteen years old again or something.

Oh yea, I spent an hour and a half in this big stinky mess last night.

Of course I didn't win yesterdays POWERBALL, I got just about one number right. The cool thing is, no one else did as well. So Saturday's jackpot is up to $215 million dollars. In numbers that means $215,000,000. Of course I'm going to play again (I've got the bug). I wanted to buy my tickets today but I only had two dollars and I needed that for lunch. So tomorrow (its Payday Yay!!!!) I'm going to buy Five tickets! I'll post the numbers I get tomorrow afternoon (I'm going to buy them on my lunch break), from what I understand the drawing is on Sunday. I pick one set of numbers myself and let the computer do the rest cause it always seems like the comptuer generated numbers are allways the winners. This time (since its so much more money) everyone I link to will get $15,000 (only personal blogs, not the ones I've reviewed). These big powerball lotteries are so cool cause you get to talk about what you would do with the money if you won.

Now this is really cool. I got my January vacation approved today. Which means from January 18th, 2003 till January 28th I will be doing absolutley nothing but sitting at home watching TV and getting paid for it. Its just about a month away so I'm not going to mention it much till next year, but in January I am going to start some type of countdown. I can't barely remember the last time I had ten days off in a row. I had ten days off the year before last, this year I opted to just take my vacation time in pay, but next year I'm taking the vacation time. I might take another six vacation days in September of next year but that is just way to far off to even think about. Either or, a month from now, I will be of work for ten days. Of course now that I have mentioned it, it will take like three months for January 18th to come around.

12/19/2002 08:45:00 PM
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