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Thursday, December 26, 2002

amanda peterson

Its good that we didn't quit our day jobs...

Well, we didn't win the POWERBALL, some old guy from West Virginia has earned our scorn and envy. I do have to say though, at least the suspense is over. Maybe in a few months or so it will get that high again and we'll jump in, but it is a relief not to have to fill out one of those lottery cards this week. They are such a pain cause its like the SAT's, you have to darken in each number you want to pick and if you screw up just once (which I did often), you have to start all over again.

For Christmas this year, Santa gave us no electric from Christmas day (around 4pm) till this morning around 10am (thank you!), and ten inches of snow (thank you!), and no place to park (thank you!), and now I don't know if our garbage day is tomorrow or the next day (thank you!).

But on the bright side my parents got us a DVD Player !!! Which is super cool. They gave us Men In Black 2 as well, and I borrowed their "Collectors Edition Pearl Harbor DVD". In borrowing I mean they will probably never see it again for at least ten years (but I'm sure they know that). Of course our TV does not have the adapters that you need to attach your DVD player to, and when I attached the DVD Player to the VCR the picture was all distorted (according the the DVD manual this happens to prevent you from taping the DVD's on VHS). So tomorrow (today?) I'm going Up North cause they bought us the adaptor for the TV. My gosh I'm to exhausted to post much more tonight.

Of course I did notice that Darcy has a new super cool layout! (I need to get a new cool layout soon).

12/26/2002 09:29:00 PM
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