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Sunday, December 15, 2002

My Parents Are Having More Fun, And More "Hipper" Than Me

This was pretty much just a great weekend off. I didn't go up North cause according to my parents it was snowing bad and there was a really bad fog. There was no snow down here but they're in the mountains and sometimes I think it snows just for general purposes up there. Its probably a good thing I didn't go up though. They told me (and this just blows my mind) that on Thursday they bought Rod Stewart's The Great American Songbook and they were spending an hour each night dancing to it. Yes. They said they spent an hour each night dancing to it. An hour. Dancing. To Rod Stewart. These are the same folks who back in the early eighties would yell at me for playing a Rod Stewart 45 to loud (I had one Rod Stewart 45 when I was like ten years old, I don't remember the main song on the 45 but I remember the B Side was "Don't Try Suicide" or something). I just don't want to see my parents, at a combined age of 116, dancing to what they call; "The most romantic CD they ever bought". Notice how they said it was the most romantic "CD"? I'm not even completley changed over to CD's yet (I have billion cassettes). Last time I was up they asked me if I wanted to borrow any movies that they have, like Pearl Harbor, or Attack Of The Clones, and I was all excited and said yes, and than I realized that they have a DVD player, and all their stuff is on DVD. I'm still stuck in the VCR age. Oh yea, I'm thinking maybe they exaggerated about the snow and fog too, so they could dance to their Rod Stewart.

But moving on to my awesome weekend.

Since we are still without cable because Comcast just plain (expletive deleted), on Friday night we watched Master Spy, The Robert Hanssen Story (I taped it months ago and didn't have a chance to watch it) which I have to say is one of the best made for TV movies I've seen in years. Of course William Hurt made the movie (and thay Mary Louise Parker was pretty good) and from what I read on the internet about the whole thing, the movie was pretty accurate on the facts. What blows my mind is, that back when he first did his spying and his wife caught him, they went to a priest and talked about it. I'm shocked that the wife and the priest weren't charged with treason too. I mean, they both knew about it (or at least that one incident). And what shocks me even more, is that I read that she (the wife) is recieving his pension from the FBI, and that was part of his plea deal. What the heck is that? I mean its not like she didn't know that something happened.
So anyway I slept till noon on Saturday. That was heavenly. The coolest thing about that was, I woke up at nine a.m. and thought to myself; "I'll just go back to sleep till noon or something". Than I pretty much did nothing. Like a did today. (outside of dishes and I made meatballs and sauce this afternoon). Of course I watched American Dreams (that comes in off antennae).Comcast so needs to be out here to fix the lines tomorrow. Maybe I should just go to the sattelite dish. We don't even have a local Comcast office here. When I call them I get somebody from some other state. I guess part of the reason I'm so peed off at them is since there was no cable on my block I was forced to play Trivial Pursuit of which I lost three games out of four (and I have a suspiscion (sp?) that the game I won was given to me).

Since there was no cable I did get a chance to watch a ton of cool movies that I have on tape that I don't much get a chance to watch. I'm kind of proud of all the movies I watched this weekend so I'm going to list them here.

Saturday's Movies
Cool Hand Luke-I wonder if it is really physically possible to eat that many eggs. It is cool to see George Kennedy in a serious role (he is really good at it!) and seeing Trapper from M.A.S.H. in a serious role (he was very good). And the dad from the Waltons. And of course Dennis Hopper was a crazy bird in this one. And there were two or three other actors that I like but don't their names in this it too.

Tremors-Probably one of the best movies ever made. How could you not like this movie? I don't much like country music, but because of this movie, I never say an ill word about Reba Macintyre (sp?). And its cool to see Alex Keaton's dad blow the head off a monster with an elephant gun. Thats just priceless.

The Big Lebowski-Doo, doo, doo, walking out my back door.

I did get a chance to watch (from the antennae of course) Saturday Day Night live. I have to say, it was hilarious. I thought Mcain was funny when he hosted, but I have to say, Al Gore was just little more funnier. Of course now, SNL will go back to its normal stinkyness. Unless of course Dick Cheney hosts, which I would pay to see.

12/15/2002 08:04:00 PM
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