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Friday, December 20, 2002

amanda peterson


Well, I'm going up up North tomorrow til Sunday, so I won't be able to blog when I win the big Powerball lottery. I'm going to post our numbers here real quick. This is cool, I bought five tickets (I've got Powerball fever!), and my parents called me and told me that they bought five tickets for me as well (whoo hoo!). Well anyways, here's Your AP Site Powerball numbers (our links $15,000 if we do win, I think the drawing is at 11pm this saturday).

05-15-28-34-39 Powerball number-31
03-13-17-35-53 Powerball number-38
12-15-34-37-43 Powerball number-33
08-16-24-26-30 Powerball number-30
06-09-15-26-30 Powerball number-15
04-06-07-10-31 Powerball number-20
12-23-30-44-48 Powerball number-12
09-20-36-41-48 Powerball number-29
01-14-15-30-52 Powerball number-20
04-19-30-51-52 Powerball number-10

12/20/2002 10:10:00 PM
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