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Sunday, December 08, 2002

What A Fool Believes....

I hate to qoute the Doobie Brothers, but as Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I really thought we would win today's game handily. What I'm wondering now is, like at the end of the third quarter when Tommy Maddox is quite obviously getting the crap beat out of him, and Dom Caper's Texans seem to know exactly what Tommy is going to do, why didn't we go to Kordell? (I actually thought we should have benched Tommy at the end of the half). After today's game, even though we'll probably win the division, we really won't last past the wildcard round of the playoffs. What really stinks is my boss was at the game today (the last day of her vacation) and she is working tomorrow, which means she is going to be in quite the pissy mood, and of course that rolls down hill.

But in good news, I have next weekend off, which means that just like The Eighties Super Group Loverboy I am working for the weekend!!! I've decided that since its been like three weeks since I've had the whole weekend off its a good time to get a lot of things done around the house that I haven't had the chance to do. Like napping, eating like a pig, and being a total bum. Okay, thats not totally true (the total bum thing). Today I bought a bunch of "make your own pizza" stuff like pizza dough, mushrooms, pepperoni, pizza sauce, green peppers, hot sauce, and mozerralla (sp?) cheese. So I'm going to fire up the oven Friday night. But thats about the only useful thing I plan on doing this weekend.

Oh, this is interesting:

And despite his vigorous political stumping during Election 2000, Ben Affleck hadn't voted in years. I wish movie stars and TV stars and rock stars weren't allowed to talk about serious issues, cause just as you begin to really like them, they totally pee you off one way or another. I remember seeing commercials where Ben Afleck (sp?) and other movie and tv stars urge you to vote and than you find out years later that these folks never even bothered to register to vote at all. (unlike me who lost a couple hours out of the paycheck on election day cause it was a work day and the lines at my local polling station were long). Its like I want to say, "Hey, I love your music, or your movies, or your TV shows, but outside of that, shut the heck up."

Now here is something that is really cool (that doesn't involve movie stars and politics). This afternoon I went to the refrigerator and found a Heshey's chocolate bar. "You Know Who" likes to keep chocolate in the fridge. So I opened up the Hershey's plain chocolate bar and than took out a jar of peanut butter and spread the peanut butter all over the chocolate bar with a butter knife. It actually tasted better than a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup.
12/08/2002 09:25:00 PM
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