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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Work is completley screwing up my blogging and everything else in my life. Normally (as my three regular readers can attest to, well, maybe they can't) I work the 11:30am to 8:30pm shift and that gives me a ton of time to watch TV, take a nap, blog, and surf the internet. Unfortunatley for the past three days and the next four I've been switched to the 9am to 6pm shift. Which means I have to wake up a lot earlier. And I come into work when all the important people in the company are coming into work and milling about and what not. Which means I really have to work pretty hard from 9am till at least 11am (when the important people stop paying attention to us little folk and take a lunch and disappear for the rest of the day). I have to wake up two and a half hours earlier (which stinks cause I'm having a lot of trouble going to bed two and a half hours earlier), and I have to drive to work during rush hour. I know what your thinking; "Don't Cry For Me Argentina...", but it stinks all the same. I like my "lazy wake up late in the morning and than go to work" day. It screws up my blogging because I am exhausted when I first get in to work and half way through my shift all I'm thinking about is going home (like I said, I wake up 2 1/2 ours early and can't seem to get to bed earlier than I used to). I've noticed too, that they play a lot more commercials on the radio during rush hour than they do after 11am.

"If the Democratic party is willing to take the advice of an 18 year old girl, I think they should somehow convert Bush into one of them and then they'll already be in office. That or they could just pay a lot of Republican's to say really stupid things at birthday parties, that seems to make them look good."
My gosh that is so true, James Carville should read the Dork Blog (and audition for the Crypt Keeper in the next "Tales" movie).

Breaking News For All You Cheap People Like Me!!!
I read an article a few days ago (OK, its not that late breaking, and if I can find the link I'll post it) that Burger King is, starting in January, adding the Whopper (without cheese of course) to its dollar menu. Whoo Hoo!!!! The really cool thing about this is, McDonald's isn't taking its Big Xtra off the dollar menu any time soon. Thank you fast food burger wars, thank you from all us cheap poor people!!

12/17/2002 08:25:00 PM
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