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Wednesday, January 15, 2003


Yup, I forgot to take the garbage out. So next week I'm going to have twice as many bags. This wouldn't be such a pain if I didn't happen every other week. It also I think might have something to do with that was one of my chores growing up and I would frequently forget then too and I'd get yelled at for it. Maybe its some type of childhood psychosomatic whatever. Or maybe I'm just forgetful.

Onto this Laci Peterson thing, whom they haven't found yet. I'm shocked that more news organizations aren't looking into the (Scott Peterson) husband more. I know the police really can't say much, they're kind of in a tenuous (sp?) position there. But you just know the guy did it. Who leaves an 8 1/2 month pregnent wife at home all day from 9 in the a.m. til late afternoon without even checking on her? At 8 1/2 months the baby can come at anytime. And the fact that he has not been fully cooperative with police. I guess its just a matter of when they find her, and when they get the confession out of him (if they do).

I was really bored last night and decided to sleep on the sofa while watching a movie. I couldn't find any I was really interested in so I just randomly grabbed one of my tapes, which happened to me The Empire Strikes Back (my favorite of them all). And I didn't notice this the first godzillion times that I watched it but while they are still on Hoth Princess Lea kisses Luke Skywalker. Their brother and sister! Ewwwww!!!! (to their credit they didn't know this yet). But Lucas must have known it. Maybe he was intentionally grossing me out.

Normally around 2pm here at work I'll usually take a nap for about an hour. But for the last week or so I've been listening to The Jim Rome Show which I think is finally the sports radio show for me. Since it is the NFL Post season he (unlike other sports shows) doesn't spend most of their time talking about college basketball or baseball. I also think he was the guy that got into a physical confrontation with Jim Everitt (formerly QB for the Rams) because he called him "Chris Everitt" all the time. But I'm not sure. Of course listening to his show and not taking a nap might be why I was a half an hour late to work yesterday cause I over slept.

This is the part of the work day I hate the most, I'm technically halfway through my shift and all I am thinking about is going home. I once faked an illness to go home early. That was a couple years ago though and I really don't have the guts to do that anymore. I do have vacation in three days (I've been trying not to think about it to much cause it just makes the day go slower).

Exactly 47 1/2 hours til vacation. I would do one of the html counter things, but I'm to lazy, and most of them look hokey.
1/15/2003 09:02:00 AM
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