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Saturday, January 11, 2003

amanda peterson

Okay, here's my picks for this weekend.
Pittsburgh @ Tennesee Pittsburgh by about 7. Of course I'm biased.
Atlanta @ Philadelphia Atlanta by 7. I really think Philly is going to choke.
San Francisco @ Tampa Bay San Francisco, because I don't like Warren Sapp.
N.Y. Jets @ Oakland N.Y. Jets. I don't think Oakland is as good as all the hype.

Laci Peterson. I'm no Columbo, but you just know the husband did it.

One thing I've never tried that I always wanted to do was those paintball gun games. I'll probably never get the chance though, none of my friends are at all interested in it and I can't suggest it to work as a team building excersize cause after the layoffs we really don't have much of a team left. It looks like it would be a ton of fun.

I am so hooked on Crime Library Dot Com. I spent all day reading it yesterday. And I'll probably spend all day reading it again today. I'd like to print them all out (it would probably be 1000 pages long, I wonder if work would notice).

It is so weird working in a building where almost 60% of the employees were laid off. Its like a ghost ship. I used to have to park at the far end of the parking lot because I come in at 11:30am and most folks are already at work. Now, I pretty much park right near the entrance everyday. During lunch time you used to have to wait to use the mircowave, I've not had to wait at all since the layoffs. Before the layoffs the coffee machine allways had two or three pots of coffee ready, now if you want any coffee, odds are, you have to make it yourself and hope someone else drinks some too. I'm guessing that just about every other cubicle is empty (which is kind of eerie) and its not near as noisy anymore. Actually some afternoons its down right quiet. The dress code kind of went out the window as well (it didn't pertain to me, I work in a department that has no dress code, but most of the rest of the building does). Most folks pretty much talk now about when they are going to just shut the whole building down. I think either this coming week or next week they are taking out the soda machine. There are some plusses though. There's always staplers and office supplies aplenty now. (I had predicted that the laid off folks would storm the supply closets like barbarians but that never happened). And of course that parking thing. Some of the plants are suffering though, I noticed that in the different departments the people who were responsible for watering them, when they were let go, they never passed the job on to someone else. (I'm responsible for the plants in our department).

I so wish blogger had some type of support when things with blogger didn't work. I use Blogger Pro (which means I actually paid money for this blog), but the support I get is just the same as the free blogger I used like forever. I'm thinking of upgrading to the free version and dumping my Blogger Pro. Or maybe going to that radio blogger thing.

1/11/2003 09:08:00 AM
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