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Sunday, January 05, 2003

What in the heck happened to the Packers? Whatever it was it better not happen to the Steelers today. I am very concerned though, the Browns are always tough when playing our Steelers. I used to actually hate the Browns but than the left the league (which made me happy), and then I started to feel bad for the folks in Cleveland. But than they came back (which made me sad) and here they are in the playoffs.

I was thinking about this last night. I thought it would be cool if I made a list of the stupidest things I've done. Not dumb things, just super stupid things. (this is not in order of stupidity, is as it pops into my head).

1) In I think, 1993, my roomate and I, realizing we only had enough money for one six pack of beer, gave blood at the senior citizens center so that we would get drunk off of just one six pack. It worked.

2) When I was twelve I wanted to see if you put someones hand in warm water while they were sleeping if they would really wet the bed. So I went to sleep that night with my hand in a warm pot of water. It worked.

3) In 1987, I think in the summer, I drove to a movie theater that was like an hour and a half away cause they were showing a movie that wasn't in any of the theatres around my hometown (I was really bored and I actually don't remember the movie). About an hour into the drive I pulled into a convenice store to buy coffee and when I got back in the car it wouldn't start. So I called my dad who had to leave work, and drive an hour to come and see what was wrong. He got into the car and said "You have the car in 'drive', it has to be in 'park' to start." I think he might have refered to me in an expletive then also, but I don't remember.

4) When I was I think 12 or 13, my friends and I watched a documentary on the Titanic. We noticed that the people that fell off the boat only stayed afloat for a little bit before they drowned, cause a lot of them had a ton of clothes on (cause it was cold of course). We thought the documentary was wrong, that people could stay afloat a lot longer. So the three of us piled on our clothes (it was winter) and went to the reservoir outside of town and jumped in its deepest point. Luckily my one friend jumped in close to the bank and was able to drag me and my other friend out of the water before we drowned cause we started to sink within about a minute.
As I remember more I'll add them.

So anyway my neighbor Spencer came over a couple times last week. I like Spence pretty much but there are things about him that just irk the heck out of you. First of all when he comes over he doesn't call and ask if nows a good time to come over and watch a game or something. He'll just show up. Like on Wednesday he showed up at 1pm with a six pack of beer. I didn't mind than, but I might have some other time. Also he goes he helps himself into the fridge. He actually does that. Also, he's allways calling his wife "the old lady" and she's actually younger than him. He also has these things that I call Spenserisms. Its these ideas he has on the strangest subjects. Here's a Spencerism from last week(this is not an exact qoute but close):
"You know the catholics should allow suicides to be buried in their cemeteries. After all, Jesus kind of committed suicide, he had the power to come down off the cross but didn't."
Spencer is catholic and he told me that if someone committs suicide the church won't let them be buried in their cemetery. He is a really nice go though, but just gets on your nerves sometimes.

South African villagers hounded two elderly men from their homes after accusing them of using witchcraft to direct lightning bolts on to other houses, police said on Thursday.

The weatherman said we'd get maybe one inch of snow this afternoon. Well, that was like three inches ago and it doesn't look like its going to stop anytime soon. Its amazing that you can get paid that much for being wrong 80% percent of the time.

Found the link to this shocking bit of info at Darcy's, and I think you'll be shocked to learn that Mario and Luigi are godless pinko commies who are hell bent on destroying the freedom loving world and replacing it with a brutal Stalinist regime.

1/05/2003 10:21:00 AM
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