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Thursday, January 16, 2003


I drank way to much last night. I thought to myself; "well I'll just have a couple" and that turned into so many I can't count. I woke up this a.m. with the dryest throat I've ever had, and I was so dehydrated it hurt to blink, if you can imagine that. I didn't have a headache but I felt icky all over and I'm just now starting to feel normal. Of cours I have no one to blame but myself, but I did have a lot of fun. I also made sunny side up eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee and ate it all at one a.m. before I went to bed while I watched Tombstone. Thats the good movie about Wyatt Earp, not the Costner one (which was okay, but not near as good). I wonder if it was Doc Holiday who actually killed Johnny Ringo. I read somewhere it might have been suicide but I'm not buying that.

Coincidentally Johnny Ringo almost killed me back in 1995. I ate at truckstop in Georgia that had all their meals named after western gunfighters and I had the hamburger steak (the Johnny Ringo with gravy) and I got food poisoning later that night and was so sick I thought I was going to die. I should have had the Doc Holiday (Barbecued Chicken with Jack Daniels BBQ sauce).

John Baltazar was executed yesterday in Texas, according to the Texas Death Row Site his last meal was whipped cream and cherries. What the heck kind of last meal is that? I don't want to peg genders by what they eat or something but if your a guy your last meal has to be guy like. Like steak and baked potatos or something. Not that only guys eat steak of course, but as a last meal they should.

I did something really stupid the other day. Well actually last week. I was driving home and realized I ran out of windsheild wiper fluid. I was to lazy to stop on the way home and get more so I just drove home and forgot about it. Until the next morning when I was running a little late for work. So I got an empty ice tea gallon container and filled it up with warm water and put it in the cars windsheild wiper thing. It worked fine that morning but it has been frozen ever since and I don't think its going to warm up anytime soon. Maybe if I let the car run for a long while it will unfreeze and I can add some fluid. I'm sure my dad would know how to solve this problem but there is no way in heck I am going to tell him what I did. No way ho-zay.

With tomorrow being my last day til vacaton its sorely tempting to call off. If I did I know the boss would be peeved, but you have to ask yourself, will the peevness where off by the time I come back? I'm sure I'll chicken out and come in, but its still tempting. I've gotten to be such a chicken as I get older. Five years ago it would have been a foregone conclusion that I wouldn't go in.

So more about this Laci Peterson investigation (I know I've probably overmentioned this but I am so sure her husband did it) there was an interview last night with one of the local police chiefs near our town on TV last night and they asked him about it. According to this police officer that standard procedure is for the police to ask the spouse to take a lie detector test. They asked him how come the police have not mentioned Scott Peterson taking a lie detector test and he said that he probably either refused one or failed it. He said they never release before an arrest when someone fails one, so they don't even mention that a test was taken. Asked if he thought Scott Peterson had anything to do with her disapperence he said "I probably shouldn't answer that question."

"During the filming of Rocky III whenever I did a scene with Meredith Burgess, I pretended I was Batman, and he was the Penguin, and we were filming an episode of the old Batman TV show. It was fun to pretend."
-Mr. T

1/16/2003 10:25:00 AM
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