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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

amanda peterson

I was thirty minutes late to work today, all my fault of course. The alarm went off but I just could not force myself to get up. So I just turned it off. So I got an extra hour of sleep (I broke a million traffic laws to make it just a half an hour late). That extra hour of sleep seemed better than the seven hours I had gotten before, probably because it was "bad" sleep.

I would call this What goes around, comes around. I say, if your going to strap razor sharp spikes on birds and make them fight each other, well, you get what you deserve.

So tonight is garbage night. Right now I know its garbage night. I knew this a.m. it was going to be garbage night. Last night I even reminded myself that tonight is garbage night. What are the chances that I will forget its garbage night when I get home? Pretty gosh darn good.

My predictions for the NFC Championships, the AFC Championship, and the Superbowl are as follows: I don't give a rats (expletive deleted) since my Steelers are no longer in it. I may get over this in the next couple weeks, I don't know.

St. Pain in the (expletive deleted). Thats the funniest thing I read all week, courtesy of Trash Heap.

This is weird. My Saturday 1/11 5pm entry was actually something I wrote about a month ago. I wonder how it got there? Of course that entry showing up in a post where it shouldn't only highlights the problem. Weird.

I am absolutley hooked on American Dreams. I don't think I've been this into a show since I discovered that Magnum P.I. was a really great show a couple years ago. I never watched Magnum when it was on back in the eighties but I watch it religously now. Here's the bummer about being hooked on American Dreams, unlike Magnum, I can't watch it everyday in syndication. I just cannot say enough good things about his American Dreams (or Magnum).

1/14/2003 12:23:00 PM
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