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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

I'm here at work and totally not into it. I'm sure its happened to everyone you know what I mean. Its like I never got out of first gear this morning. I have pile of junk on my desk to do and really I doubt any of its gonna get done. And if it does get done it will be haphazard and probably screwed up. I wonder what emergency room doctors or surgeons do on days like this. I probably should have called off.

U.N.:Congolese Rebel factions eating local pygmies who fail to find them food. According to this article, these rebels send the pygmies out in the jungle to find them food, and if they come back empty handed they eat the pygmie. On another note, I noticed the other day while looking at a map of Africa there's like two Congo's. How the heck did that happen? I mean if your naming your country and the country next to you is Congo, you probably shouldn't pick Congo. You probably also shouldn't eat your pygmies.

On the way in to work I stopped and got gas. For the cheap regular gas (which is what I buy) it was $1.45 a gallon. I'm starting not to care so much about the caribou anymore. But I think I heard somewhere this has something to do with folks striking in Venezuala (sp?). Either or, I remember when I first started driving it wasn't uncommon to get gas for like 89 cents a gallon. Okay I don't know where my point is going on this, just to say that I like cheap gas. Another profound statment from me.

Vacation in ten days (jan. 18th-28th). Unfortunatley all but one of those days are work days. I wonder what my blogging will be like than. I'll have more free time but I have to say I blog a heck of a lot more here at work. At home I get on the compuer late at night and am to tired to really say anything. Of course, what would I say? I mean, I'm going to spend the majority of vacation in my pajamas (I'll have to go outside a few times I'm sure, for food and stuff). I'm going to try to be like a grizzly bear, kind of in hibernation.
1/08/2003 12:12:00 PM
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