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Monday, January 27, 2003

Back at work. Vacation was like a dream. Gosh I miss vacation.

I watched the Superbowl (well most of it) and I'm wondering what Celine Dion was doing, singing the national anthem? I mean, she's got a wonderful voice and what not, but she is Canadian. Not that I have anything wrong with Canada (I think I mentioned once here I think of them as our 51st state, and am always hopeful Quebec secedes from Canada so the other provinces can apply for admission into the U.S. like they were gonna do had Quebec seceded), but we should really have a U.S. citizen singing it at the Super Bowl. But than again, Celine Dion has probably made a hundred million dollars in the U.S. and if you figure she had to pay half of that in taxes to the U.S., well maybe its okay to sing cause she gave us like fifty million dollars. I also thought that Shania Twain lip sinced her performance. Lip sincing is always lame. Sting and No Doubt did pretty good though.

Here at work I usually get about one or two wrong numbers a day (people calling me) and usually their looking for the The Hershey Medical Center, but today I got two for Pizza Hut, one for Rite Aid, and two for a girl named "Sarah". I actually think it was the same person calling for Sarah but having someone else make the second call.

Correction Turns out Celine Dion sang "America The Beautiful", not the National Anthem. So I guess thats okay. Note to self, don't drink so much and than complain about Celine Dion the next day.

In light of the economy and what not we were told today that there would be no bonuses or raise increases this year. Both of which stink big time, but they also said something else in the meeting that I though might be important but I was kind of zoning out after hearing about the first two, and now I don't know what the third important announcement was. No one working with me now know cause they are temps and weren't at the meeting. Now I have to wait till tomorrow so I can ask someone. This is the same type of day dreaming that made my grades stink in highschool. This is also the same type of day dreaming I think that causes me to get honked at whenever I'm at a redlight for a while and the car behind me has to honk me out of it.

1/27/2003 12:51:00 PM
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