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Monday, January 13, 2003

All I am saying is, give Pete a chance.

I wish people would approach this Pete Townshend thing with an open mind. The way I figure it is this, the dude ain't no pedophile. For a couple reasons.

1) I remember reading at Townshend's site this long thing he wrote about how bad pedophelia was and bunch of stuff he was doing about it (like supporting charities and such). Its not there now, I don't understand why it got removed.

2)He's a rich guy who was going to put a lot of money and time into causes that help kids and fight pedophelia. Now if your a guy that has a ton of money and you are going to do that, of course your going to research into it a bit. I mean, if you didn't research it, you'd be a sucker cause all kinds of charities would be asking for money. What is he supposed to do? Just go by someones word and blind faith that there is a problem out there. Than there's that anti pedophile group saying that if you even stumble accross child porn you can go to jail. Well then they should be in jail with Pete cause like, how did they find out its there? It pees me off more than the Steelers game on Saturday.

Speaking of the Steelers game, I successfully picked wrong in all four games this weekend Whoo hoo!!! I have to say, I was bummed out by what happened with the Steelers (and the refs do grande stink) but I've got to say, our defense was terrible. I guess this is the end of the line for Kordell Stewart, which is a bummer cause I'm going to miss him. It wasn't really all his fault either, I mean the defense put him into a situation early in the year where he had to take a lot of chances. I do like Tommy though.

1/13/2003 04:43:00 PM
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