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Friday, January 03, 2003

amanda peterson

Okay this is how it happened (and I'm not proud of most it, but it is what it is). I won't go into to much details cause I don't want to gross anyone out. On Friday morning I was making chili. I got some really big stock pots for Christmas and thought I would make a huge amount of chili and freeze it for later. I had two of those big cans of kidney beans (you know the super family economy size) and had opened up one with no problem. I was using a hand can opener. The second one I opened up almost completley except for a couple places on the top of the can that the can opener didn't penetrate. Unlike a sensible person who would just use the can opener again, I grabbed a table spoon, stuck it between the can lid and the can and tried to pry it upwards. I used a little to much strength and as the can popped open, my right hand went downward as the lid of the can came upward and sliced my thumb and back of my hand. I knew immediatly it was bad (to make it worse, you know who said, just before it happened; "be careful!", of course I didn't listen).

Two things kind of shocked me immedialty; 1) it didn't hurt at all, 2) the amount of blood was incredible, totally incredible. Of course I totally freaked out. The first thing I said was "Tourniquet!! Tourniquet!!" and I think I said "We should call 911!!", luckily a cooler head prevailed (certainly not mine) and we used direct pressure (in the form of a white t-shirt that was grabbed from the laundry room, which amusingly enough had an emrodiered "Canada, A Sportmans Paradise!" logo on it (my parents bought it for me when they went to Niagra). Its kind of funny now, it was anything but funny than. So we called the E.R. and jumped in the car and took off. When we got to the E.R. they were kind of ready for us, I think they expected a lot worse though. I think during the call to the E.R. (the phone was being held up to my ear) I mentioned "a grevious injury". Anyways, they gave my hand a shot to numb it for the stictches. Than they started the stitches and I said it really hurt (putting the stitches in). So the doctor gave me another shot and after about five minutes or so he started his stictching. At which time I complained that it still really hurt (the stitches) and I think he grumbled something under his breath and gave me another shot. Putting the stitches in still hurt but I certainly wasn't going to say anything again.

Now here's the really cool part. He than gave me the codiene prescription and a note for work saying not to use a computer for at least seven days (which was so cool at the time cause I knew I wouldn't have to go into work). The high sheriffs at work were cool about it and even let me borrow two days of vacation time from 2003 so I would still get full pay.

It really didn't start hurting until Saturday a.m., but after I took the codiene it was fine. What I did was take one codiene in the morning and than one at 2pm. On Saturday and Sunday night instead of taking a codiene I had a couple of adult beverages (they worked just as good as the codiene!). After Sunday I probably could have gotten by on just aspirin or ibuprofen, but the codiene was cool. I mean, it was super cool. I took the codiene in the morning, had a big breakfeast, took a nap, and than watched a movie. After the movie I ate an early dinner and took another codiene and watched a movie (sometimes I napped through that movie). Well that brings me up to today. I stopped taking the codiene yesterday (I'm saving a few of them in case I hurt myself again or something). I'm going back to work on Monday (I'm trying not to think about that).

What really blows my mind is how much I use my right hand. I mean, after the last week I'm starting to think that my left hand is pretty much there as a barely used assistant or something. Eating with your left hand is a pain in the rear, awkward and sloppy (and what really stunk is how many times I tried to use my right hand without thinking while eating, or reading, and that just hurt like heck). The cats kept trying to rub up against my right hand which was just a total pain. Using the remote with your left hand is so frustrating you want to pitch the remote through the window.

A bunch of cool stuff happened during the last week (well, cool in stay at home and do nothing kind of way) and of course I'll blab about it tomorrow. Like the godzillion movies I saw and the two afternoons that I spent with my neighbor Spencer , who had the holidays off. (I think you know who asked Spence to check on me while she was at work) . I like having Spence for a neighbor, but there are times I just wish he would move away forever. Go figure. I think he liked coming over to my place cause his wife was hacking on him pretty good for one reason or another.

Anyways, more tomorrow, my hand is hurting a bit. And thanks for all the comments while I was gone!!

1/03/2003 08:33:00 PM
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