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Thursday, January 23, 2003

Spent the last two days Up North at the parents, which is allways cool (so long as you don't spend more than a couple days up there, otherwise they drive you nuts). They got a wide screen flat TV sometime since I was up there a couple weeks ago. Wtaching movies on it is great but when you watch regular TV shows sometimes actor's faces are kind of distorted (cause the widescreen is so much more recatangular than a regular TV). The real bummer about the new TV is that my dad of course wanted to show it off for the first couple hours I got there and put a movie in (Sylvestor Stallone as some race car driver) and blasted the surround sound so loud it rattled your teeth. Luckily my mom came home after an hour and a half and told him to shut it off.
I did watch two cool things while I was up there. First was American Idol which I never watched until this week. I can probably say that I am completley addicted to it now. I also don't think Simon is near as bad as everyone said he was. Sometimes he was pretty gosh darn nice. Its also good to see that Paula Abdul has found some work. I have no clue who the other guy is.
I also watched a really cool show about the shoot out at the O.K. Corral; The Discovery Channel does ballistic and scientific tests on what actually happened at the O.K. Corral which was super cool. I won't go into details cause I know most folks don't care and I'm really tired, but it was cool.

1/23/2003 08:48:00 PM
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