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Friday, January 24, 2003

amanda peterson

Vacation Day 7!!!


Gonna dance with my baby till the night is through
On Saturday night, Saturday night
Tell her all the little things I'm gonna do
On Saturday night, Saturday night

I-I-I-I-I love her so, I-I-I-I'm gonna let her know.
At the good ol' rock and roll road show
I gotta go Saturday night Saturday night, ..."

Okay, I know its Friday, but I have to sing Saturday's praises cause that is the last real night of vacation (I'm on vacation on Sunday but have to go back to work on Monday). So this is Saturday's plans. We're going to the Old Country Buffet tomorrow late afternoon (I love The Old Country Buffet and tomorrow is beef rib night) than we're coming home to watch Eight Legged Freaks and probably drink a million adult beverages. (Of course I'm the one that chose the movie).
Today we watched a movie that really took me by suprize. I really thought it would stink, but Death To Smoochie! was fantastic. Its so weird seeing Ed Norton in that movie (after seeing American History X). Of course Robin Williams is awesome too.

Not much else happened today. My neighbor Spencer saw me spreading rock salt on the sidewalk late in the morning (it was like 4 degrees this a.m when I woke up with frost) and asked me if I was going near the library. I said yes (cause I planned on going to the newspaper store and buying a People Magazine which is near the library) and he asked me if I could return a book for him and I said sure. Of course when I got to the library and returned the book the librarian told me that it was four days late and there was a two dollar charge for that. There were a couple people standing behind me waiting to check books out so I just gave ther the two dollars. I'd like to think that Spence just wanted me to return the book cause he thought it was due today, but I doubt it. He probably didn't want to face the librarian about bringing the darn book back late. This would probably bother me at any other time, but I was able to hide the fact that I was on vacation from him for the last week, otherwise he'd have come over at some time and complained a billion times about his wife (the "old lady" as he calls her, even though she's like four years younger than him).

Nothing much else interesting happened here today on Day Seven of the vacation. I went to K-Mart hoping to buy one of those knit caps (you know, the caps that the gangsters and bank robbers wear, except that I only wanted one cause its been like five degrees here for the last three days). K-Mart didn't have any (which totally shocked me, they usually have everything), but the Dollar Store did (for a dollar of course), but the Dollar Store only had them in bright red and bright neon blue. I went with the bright neon blue cause the bright red (when I looked at myself with it on in a mirror, I just looked like a clown).

One thing did totally bum me out today. I was watching M.A.S.H today on FX, and saw Henry Blake's last episode. That was a total bummer. As much as I loved Colonal Potter's character, I totally dug Henry Blake. Its weird how you can so get into a tv character like Henry Blake.

And of course this is cool, Darcy wrote a song about Warren Zevon.

1/24/2003 09:30:00 PM
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