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Sunday, January 19, 2003


Vacation Day One And Day Two

First let me say that its pretty hard to post on vacation. In between taking naps, and taking more naps, its pretty tough to log on and and post anything. I've noticed that on vacation that when you do log onto the internet all you want to do is look at the latest news and what not, and than log off and get back down to the sofa. (There is nothing like a comfy sofa on vacation!). Gosh I love my comfy sofa. Well anyways, here's my vacation journal.

Saturday, Vacation Day One
I woke up really late on Saturday (almost noon) cause we were celebrating my vacation (10 Days Off!!) the night before. I went to K-Mart and bought the movie "Training Day" on DVD (it cost $15.99 but it was worth it). That was an awesome movie. After the movie I ate a 34 oz. steak (with a baked potato with a ton of butter). Than early in the morning on Sunday I regretted eating the steak.
P.S. Before I went to K-Mart I had two huge egg salad sandwhiches.

Sunday, Vacation Day Two
We rented the movie Insomnia (sp?) with Robin Williams and Al Pacino, and I bought Gordon Lightfoot's Greatest Hits. Before we did that (which was around 2pm) I ate three sunny-side-up-eggs, with bacon, toast (with jelly), and a big glass of milk. After the movie I ate two kielbassy (sp?) sandwhiches with onion and ketchup. Since I had some Kielbassa (sp?) left, I just now made (with Italian bread and pizza saucea) a Kielbassa pizza. Insomnia was great by the way. Seeing Robin Williams as a psycho was totally weird.
1/19/2003 09:27:00 PM
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