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Monday, January 20, 2003

amanda peterson

Vacation Journal Day Three
I drank way too much last night (It seems like I've written that line more than a few times, but its vacation, so what the heck). I started feeling like a human around noon when I ate two grilled cheese sandwhiches and some tomato soup. I was pretty much alone all day so I watched two movies, the first was Bridget Jones Diary. I really only watched it cause it was on the entertainment center and after eating I just wanted to throw any movie in and lay down on the sofa. This movie totally shocked me. From the the beginning to the end I was glued to it. I expected to nap through most of it, but its got to be one of the most hilarious movies I've seen in a long time. I mean, this movie is really good!
After I watched that movie I had a couple of slices of the kielbasa pizza I made yesterday (I took two Zantac before of course). Than I watched probably one of the greatest movies I've ever seen Signs with Mel Gibson and River Pheonix's (you know the dude that did a speedball in Johnny Depp's Viper Room and OD'd on the sidwalk) brother Joachim or Yokim or however you spell it. Either or he's a really good actor (I think I saw him in Clay Pigeons). This movie is super great.
After that movie I went to McDonalds and got two Big Macs (buy one, get the other for a penny!) and a large fry and medium coke. I bought some baking soda to clean out my humidifier (it has been nothing but cold and dry here in PA). I did the dishes and here I am now.
Tomorrow I have to buy some stuff (booze and party food) cause the future in laws are coming up for the weekend (from North Carolina). Gosh, I love vacation.

1/20/2003 08:15:00 PM
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