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Thursday, February 27, 2003

Powder Scare Suspends Elizabethtown Mail Delivery I didn't notice this article until today. Last night when I got home I checked the mailbox for mail (I do that everynight, our mail comes late) and there wasn't any. I was thrilled cause it was like the first day in a while that a bill wasn't in the mail. Guess not.

I heard on the radio this morning that Mr. Rogors had died. The most shocking thing about this is, I thought he died last year. My favorite part of his show (when I was a kid of course) was going to the land of make believe.

"It's become very difficult to compare yourself to others. Listening to everyone bragging sounds like the Special Olympics, where everyone's a winner."
--WB Entertainment president JORDAN LEVIN, on the end-of-"sweeps" shower of publicity spin by television networks.

For the past two days I've been sitting here at work with a craving for waffles. So finally, last night I toasted the waffles, let them cool down, packed them in paper towels and a glad bag and added them to my lunch bag. Of course I forgot to pack a knife and a fork and maple syrup. I have a spoon for my soup but there is just no way you can eat a waffle with a spoon.

My day just got a lot longer. Part of my job every day (this takes about an hour) is to put commands into the computer system to do certain things at certain times of the day. All of tomorrows commands are done by me today. Well I was just about done with tomorrow commands when I realized that tomorrow is March 1st and not February 29th (duh!). So now I have to go back and redo all the commands. What bums me out is how the computer will accept the commands until that time comes around to do them, and if there is something wrong it just won't do them. So none of March 1st commands would have been done had I not caught my mistake. Now I just have to work an extra hour or somehow squeeze it into the day (I guess I could stop blogging, but you know).
This happened once before and I didn't catch it but it wasn't as severe of a mistake. I set commands two commands once for I think 2am on the "Fall Back" daylight savings time and the computer did them twice cause there were two "2am's".

2/27/2003 08:39:00 AM
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