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Monday, February 24, 2003

My pictures aren't working but this time its not my fault. It has something to do with my internet service because I can't read my email. Not that thats a big deal, I'm sure the only person thats emailed my yet to day is my mom's usual flurry of forwards.
Anyway, I did just about nothing all weekend (except for a video tape thing which I'll mention later). Saturday Night Live was hilarious. They should have Christopher Walked on all year, no other guest stars just him. Than they should rename it "Christopher Walken's Saturday Night Live."

Okay, so I was left to myself at home on Sunday. Now if you stick a bored me in the house with nothing to do some wierd stuff may happen. Where I got the idea I don't know. I guess I wanted to see how bad my snoring was (I was told it was pretty bad the night before) But anway, around mid morning on Sunday I decided that Sunday afternoon would be a great time to nap. I was having some sinus problems and around noon I took a decongestant (which always knocks me out) and I figured I would just nap for a couple hours on the sofa. Than the idea hit me. I would video tape myself napping.
Yup, you heard right. Why would I do that? Well, I was bored. I set the camera up next to the tv, started taping that started my nap (it was a slow start cause I kept on thinking about how I was being videotaped). I slept for about two hours, woke up, forgot about the video camera and had a sandwhich. When I got back into the living room I rememberd the video camera so I decided to watch (you know fast forwarding through it).The first hour was unremarkable, I tossed and turned a bit at first, but thats about it.
At the beginning of the second hour Mr. Black (one of my cats) jumped on the sofa and fell asleep at my feet (thats like the cat's favorite spot to sleep). Now here's where it gets weird. Not to long after Mr. Black jumped on the bed my other cat Kitty (I didn't name her that, it was my sister's cat) walks by with a whole piece of bread in her mouth. It was kind of shocking to see, I did have toast earlier and I know when I was getting the bread out a pulled out a heel and set it aside, but I assumed I threw it away. Well Mr. Black sees Kitty walking by with the bread and jumps off the sofa and follows her off camera. You can hear some fighting and than Mr. Black runs by the camera and now he's got the bread. A few minutes later Kitty comes along and jumps onto the spot on the sofa near my feet where Mr. Black was and she promptly falls asleep. A few minutes after that Mr. Black comes into the living room, sees Kitty on the sofa, glares at her for like three minutes than lays down in the middle of the floor.
So, now my question is, did Kitty want the bread and Mr. Black stole it from her, or did Kitty use the bread to lure Mr. Black (who is jealous of any cat that has food) away from the prime sleeping spot? I'm not saying that my cats are smart (I've seen them do some really dumb things), but I don't know. I should probably mail it in to Funniest Home Videos.
And I didn't snore at all.

Tomorrow I have to pick one of my coworkers up and take them to work cause their car is being inspected. I don't mind doing this at all (because should I need a ride for some reason I have this as my ace in the hole) but it is going to totally ruin my day dreaming time. I love my 35 minute drive to work mainly because of the day dreaming and the radio.

One of my coworkers asked me what our company policy is on Ash Wednesday (she's worried about having ashes on her forehead during work) which reminds of what my sister and I used to do on Ash Wednesday. One of the things we used to do was skip out on going to church (our parents made us go), but they didn't go until a later mass. Our trick to getting out of the Ash Wednesday deal was to smoke a cigarette than we would take the ashes and put a cross on our fore heads to make it look like we went to the church after school. It fooled my parents everytime. I still don't have the guts to tell them about that to this day though.

Here at work there are more rumors of layoffs, possbily at the end of March. Now, normally there's allways a rumor about, but since they axed half the building in November and December I kind of pay more attention to them now. Most of the rumors are false ones and you can pick them out pretty good, but this one today was kind of convincing. Not that I'm worried, being on unemployment for six months is not unappealing at all (I crunched the numbers and its survivable), and if the economy is still in a stinker in the fall, well than maybe they'll do that extension thing. I like my job a lot, but the thought of six months, and an entire summer off, I mean wow.

The Sinking of the Enterprise. Betty hit the nail on the head. Big time. Gosh, I hope Hollywood folks read that.

2/24/2003 09:01:00 AM
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