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Saturday, February 01, 2003

amanda peterson

I'm guessing what happened to the Columbia is that some of the heat tiles fell off and caused it too break apart. From the video I saw it doesn't look like an explosion. I just hope what happened to the Challenger crew didn't happen to these folks. From what I read the Challenger folks were alive up until impact with the ocean. I just found out about that from reading up on the space shuttles this a.m.. On the news now they are projecting where they think the debris field will be with a computer model.

In my travels yesterday I stopped into a McDonalds (actually went inside) and notice that they are actually serving soup now. When did that happen? So anyways, being a natural soup nut, I ordered the beef vegtable and I have to say, it was actually pretty good. I think they also have chicken noodle and broccoli and cheese. Of course now that I made this discovery I'm sure they'll discontinue the soups completley.

Somehow, just by sitting in my chair, I managed to turn awkwardly and know my lower back is just killing me. Its okay if I sit up striaight but any other type of movement is just agony. On a completley unrelated note I am on a waffle kick. It seems like every other meal I crave waffles. Yesterday I made steak, but I had to make it steak and eggs so that I could have waffles. I wonder what causes those kinds of cravings (the kind that last for days or weeks).

I'm sure everyone just wants to hear about the sites I can't visit on the internet here at work, but either or, some more that have been blocked; Hotmail, Yahoo mail (not Yahoo itself), NBC, CBS, FOX (not the news channels the network sites), and Snopes. I guess I'm shocked blogger is not blocked.

CIA Concealed Noah’s Ark, just like the Arc Of The Covenent is in a big wharehouse somewhere thanks to the heroic efforts of Dr. Indiana Jones.

2/01/2003 09:13:00 AM
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