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Sunday, February 02, 2003

amanda peterson

My back is absolutley killing me. I think its even much worse than yesterday. I probably shouldn't have slept on the couch last night (sometimes my stupidy amazes even me). I think after work I'm going to get those Doans back pain things. I'm not sure though, wether its a back issue or a muscle issue. I do have Ben Gay at home but there was no way I was coming in to work smelling like that.

He takes fatal OD as Internet pals watch. Broken down into mathmatics this sad story would probably be nincompoop+webcam+more nincompoops=, or is that algebra? Either or, yeesh.

I went to H&R Block on Saturday and I have to say, I was pleasently suprized with my return. I guess once a year it does pay to be poor. Here's an interesting story. My roomate in 1994 told me that he had not filed a return in the years 1991, 92, and 93, and he was getting worried that the IRS was going to find out. He just forgot to do it in 91 and didn't do it for the next two years cause he was worried about getting in trouble. He made just about as much as I did at the time, and we kind of reasoned, maybe the IRS woud actually owe him money. So he took all his W2's for the past three years and went to a tax guy (not sure which) and said that he hadn't filed in years and he wants to know if he's going to be in trouble. After a couple hours of paperwork, he ended finding out that he was going to be getting a refund check in the amount of close to $2000. It would have been some more had he filed timely though.

I think my knit cap smells like cat pee, so I put it in a bag and than into the car, but I think it was in my coat long enough to make my coat pocked smell like cat pee, which means I'm going to have to wash my coat. The bigger problem is, why the heck did the cat pee in my pocket, and than which cat was it? I really don't have a cat pee problem but like once every few months this happens. It could mean that one of the cats has an infection, or it could be just a freak think. And of course, how did the cat manage to angle the pee right into the pocket where I keep my knit cap?

So its pretty much a given from what I've read that Kordell Stewart won't be with the Steelers next season. My guess is he's going to go to the Dallas Cowboys. Mariuccci (sp?) will be in Detroit, some no name will end up coaching San Fran, and Dennis Green probably won't coach anywhere this year again. Its weird how nobody has grabbed him up. I really don't know a lot about him though, outside of him having some winning teams in Minnesota.

2/02/2003 09:11:00 AM
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