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Friday, February 07, 2003


So they said yesterday that we were going to get 1 to 3 inches of snow and it was going to start close to midnight. Which was great, cause I got off at 8:30pm and would safely tucked away at home well into my second rum and coke before the first flake came down. But as with all the forecast this season, wrong. It started at 7:45pm and by the time I got off work there was already an inch on the ground and by the time I got home an hour and a half later (normally a 35 minute drive) there was like three of four inches of snow on the ground. This morning there's like nine or ten inches outside. I know its not an exact science but my gosh, to be so wrong so often is ridiculous. Okay I think I'm done complaining.

I bought the Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversery edition and have to say it is super cool. It comes with its own card dispenser and they're back to the original colors meaning (the last edition they dorked with the colors). Its weird seeing trivial pursuit questions from like six months ago or so. In one of their first editions I found a card that had a wrong answer to a question and I mailed it in to them and told them it was wrong, but I never heard back from them. I sent in a copy of the question (photo copy) and kept the original somewhere. I kind of forget the question but I'm sure it will come to me sometime today and I'll mention it.

My niece Ashley told me that at her drivers education class that they have a set of glasses that you wear and they mimic the effect of being drunk. I was kind of skeptical of this but since I am picking her up from school on next Tuesday she said I can try the glasses out and see if it is actually genuine. Not that I've driven drunk before, but I've certainly drank to much before, and I just can't see a set of glasses mimicing thing. I could be wrong but I'll know for sure on Tuesday.

Hungry "Hitchcock" ravens kill 19 sheep
Wow! I mean freaking wow!

I think I might be able to get out an hour early tonight, which would be super cool cause I'm afraid all this melting snow is going to freeze. Tonight is the first night in using the new Trivial Pursuit and I'm hoping that (this is coming off of five losses in a row) that I can win the first game right off the bat. Part of the reason I wanted to get it so much is cause the other questions were just killing me. I'm good at the history and the science, but when it comes to sports outside of football, I just plain stink. Those artsy question usually stump me too. You know, like which French painter painted so and so and what not.

I'm going through NFL withdrawel, which happens every year at this time. I never realized till now though how much time I spend reading about football on the internet. Now I've got this huge chunk of time with nothing to do with (here at work). I tried going to the sports sites I usually read but they only have like one or two news stories about the NFL and their mostly pretty boring. So I guess the next time anything will be reported on a wide basis will be the draft, which has got to be one of the most boring things in the world.

2/07/2003 08:48:00 AM
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