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Saturday, February 08, 2003


Winter, from hell's heart I stab at thee!!!
Yup, thats right. This morning I bought a set of SCC Winter Car Tire Cables. I am so ready for the snow now.

The night shift guy here at work told me that at one in the a.m. he heard screaming outside the building and when he looked out there was a shirtless guy with a bottle of beer and a big roll of toilet paper running around in the snow. He said he called the police cause when the guy saw him he layed down in the snow (still shirtless) and started making snow angels.

I just got a note from my boss saying Monday we are getting new plants in to replace the plants that died while I was on vacation (I'm in charge of the office plants and I forgot to appoint someone to take care of them while I was gone and a bunch died). So I guess I'm still on that job. I was hoping though, they would replace me with the person who is responsible for dropping the mail off at the post office, thats the cool job, you get to get out of the office for like a half an hour.

Okay I think I found out how to beat the blocking of websites here at work, at least as far as Fark is concerned. What I can do is go to Google than bring up the cached snapshot of the page. Than I copy the link and take out the Fark referrel thing from the address. Its a day or two old but since its a link page, it still works. I can't read the comments but I can go to the stories. And in related news, I need to get a life.

My horoscope:

"The Sun is in Aquarius and the Moon is in Taurus. Schedule a trip for another time if you can. This weekend is better for hiding out and thinking about what's important. Don't worry: Once you get to a quiet place, you'll discover it. Take notes."

What I don't understand is about the quiet place, when I get there I'll discover it? And take notes on what? This is why I can never get into horoscopes.

How am I going to spend my Saturday night? Making pork and saurkraut. Yea, thats right. I guess I'm just crazy wild. Gosh I hope Saturday Night Live is not a rerun.

2/08/2003 08:36:00 AM
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