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Thursday, February 20, 2003

amanda peterson

My normal morning routine (on a workday like today) is I get up around 9:30am, get ready for work and leave the house by like 10:30am, stop at the Turkey Hill for coffee and than drive to work. This morning on the way in I was starved, which is totallyl weird. I'm never hungry when I first wake up in the morning (not in the first couple hours at least). So I stopped at McDonalds and got two Sausage McMuffins that I scarfed down on the drive. I think that was the first time in a like a year I ate anything within two hours of waking up. I wonder if this is the start of some metabolic change associated with age. Older folks always seem to eat breakfeast. I guess I'll know tomorrow. Of course I could be just thinking about it to much.

Ga. Man Invents Toilet 'Courtesy Wand' . That story is barely worth reading, but I actually had that idea about a year and a half ago and just never did anything about it. I could have came up with a better name than "Courtesy Wand" though.

Fire Destroys Pizza Shop, Apartments
This is about a block from where I live and when I heard the fire trucks I actually got up to make sure it wasn't our house that caught fire because it was so loud. When our dryer was broke I would go to the laundrymat that was close to it, put our laundry in, and than spend the rest of the time at the P&J waiting for my laundry to get done (I can't stand hanging out at the laundry place). Total bummer. I'm glad we have our dryer fixed. (I didn't mean that to sound concieted).

My parents sent a valentines day card to my sister's son (he's like two years old) but they put my address on it by accident and it came to me. I called them and they said they would just send him another and told me I could keep the card. The cool thing, the card had ten dollars in it. Whoo hoo!

Well, just like The Eighties Super Group Loverboy, I am working for the weekend. My plans are pretty much to do nothing. I might actually go see a movie if that civil war movie Gods And Generals is out this weekend. I loved Gettysburgh (I almost cried after the bayonet charge). The only bummer about the movie theatre is that as a smoker (I know I'm just going to get a ton of sympathy here) during a long movie your bound to miss some of it when you go outside to smoke. There is another bumer actually too, for some reason at the movie theatre I always have to go to the bathroom like once every 45 minutes.

2/20/2003 11:40:00 AM
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