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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

amanda peterson

When I got home last night there was note on the door from my nieghbor Spencer that said to give him a call when I got the chance. Why he didn't just call me and leave a message that way I don't know. Anyways, I called and he asked if I could meet him out front on the porches. That might sound weird but whenever Spence wants to bring something up that he doesn't want his wife to hear he does that. So out on the front porch he asks me about the old guy that just moved in from accross the street from us. I said I've only seen him a couple times, and he doesn't wave or smile when you say hello, he just nods. He's been there for about a month now. So than Spence says; "I think he's in the Witness Protection Program.". That kind of shocked me (although coming from him it shouldn't have), and I told him that probably wasn't so. Spence's reasons for this is
1)the guys Italian (red flag there)
2)he lives by himself
3)doesn't make contact with his neighbors
4)once ever few days a guy in a suit will visit him and they drive somewhere for an hour or so, its not the same guy, it kind of alternates between two guys.
5)even though he looks Italian his name isn't Italian (its Irish sounding)
I mentioned that the two guys might be his sons, but Spence said they didn't look anything like him. We agreed to keep an eye on the old man. Of course I think its Spence's imagination but I wasn't in the mood to argue about it.

They're saying now that we might get another half a foot of snow tomorrow and Friday. That plain (expletive deleted) big time.

I think this weekend I am going to get a new watch. My watch hasn't worked in like two weeks. I still wear it of course (I'm sure other people must do that) because I've gotten so used to wearing a watch that I feel naked without it. Well at least my wrist feels funny.

2/26/2003 12:41:00 PM
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