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Sunday, February 16, 2003

amanda peterson

Before I start blabbing about the weather, Darcy's grandmother broke her shoulder. And you've just got to read about it.

My gosh this has got to be the biggest storm I've seen in a long time. They're saying we might get like 2 and a half feet of snow by noonn tomorrow. I didn't have to work today, I was scheduled to work tomorrow but they called me and said they found a replacement (normally in bad weather they'll come and get me but its so bad they don't want to risk it). So thats cool. The significant other made it to work this a.m. and it got so bad her company is putting all their employees that worked today into hotel rooms at the Comfort Inn so that they didn't try to drive home. I never realized how big this house was before (until you spend the day and night here alone). Its so scary that I felt my only recourse was to laze around, watch a lot of movies, eat like a pig, nap half the day, and tonight drink like a fish. I may even pull that New York strip steak I've had in the freezer for the last couple months and cook that up.

The 10 pm news just said that this storm may be the largest since 1983, if not the largest on record. Considering that the last vehicle I saw go up the street was a snow mobile I think they may be right. There is nothing better than being in a huge storm and knowing that you don't have to go anywhere. Maybe work will call tomorrow and say don't bother coming into work on Tuesday (I think this might actually be a possibility cause when my boss called me today she said; "Don't worry about coming into work on Monday, and I'll call you tomorrow about coming in on Tuesday." Too cool!!!!!!
They also just mentioned on the news that one of the PennDot (PA Department of Transportation) plow trucks slid off the road and into ravine (no one hurt). Wow!!! I'm guessing that in the back yard we have about a foot of snow now.

2/16/2003 07:15:00 PM
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