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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

amanda peterson

So I spent the last two days laying down in bed watching TV. It turns out that my back issue wasn't "back" issue, but a muscle issue in my back. I pretty much thought that something happened to one of the discs in my back but I pulled or wrenched a muscle, and even though it hurt like heck, from what I am told, that is so much better of an injury to get than a spinal issue cause the muscle will heal, but a spinal or disc issue will not allways heal. I went to the doctor on Monday and they took X-Rays and said nothing was wrong and than I got muscle relaxants that immediatly took the pain away (and immediatly made me feel just awesome, in a floating on a cloud kind of way). Anyways, I feel fine now and I am saving my last few muscle relaxents for a rainy day.

Now this is sad news, one of my favoritist blogs Trash Heap is going away. Hopefully JK will bring it back soon.

Michael Jackson is still sleeping with kids. I remember when I was in 7th grade (and 8th) grade Thriller was like the hugest album in the world and everyone had a copy of it, even if you didn't like him. It seemed like a copy of Thriller somehow made it into your collection. Than a few years ago there was that child abuse thing and I thought he was creepy, and than I saw the Jackson movie and I felt bad for him. Now I think he's just a weirdo. You can't blame it all on your childhood cause Tito seemed to work out just fine (and Janet, and Jermaine, and whatever other Jackson (with the exception of Latyoa) that I forgot about. I think one of the Jackson brothers married the daughter of Super Cool Barry Gordy, but I forget which.

Its so weird. (Nostaliga Alert! Nostalgia Alert!) When I was 13 years old, Michael Jackson was the coolest dude on the planet, Fred Blassie had Breakfeast with Andy Kauffman which became a movie, Ronald Reagan was the dude that grabbed the Soviets by the %#^#^ and body slammed them face first into the pavement, Shamoo was the coolest whale on the planet, Michael J. Fox had the bestest show (especially if you didn't care for that perfect Cosby family stuff) and the coolest movie (Back To The Future). Now, Michael Jackson is considered a complete and total weirdo, Andy Kauffman is dead, no one knows who Fred Blassie is, Mr. Reagan has that terrible alzheimers disease, Shamoo was replaced by that Willy whale that just can't seem to adjust with the real ocean, and Michael J. Fox has Parkinsons. Totally wierd.

Oh yea, I shouldn't forget the most popular computer at the time, the Commodore Vic-20, which I think had 4 kb's of memory (as opposed to the Radio Shack computer which had two kb's and only came in black and white) and you had to plug them into your tv (which was your monitor).

And oh yea, this weird post might have something to do with the muscle relaxant I took a couple of hours ago.

2/04/2003 09:52:00 PM
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