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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Well, its back to work tomorrow. Today was my first day not using the muscle relaxants and I kind of had a dull aching pain in my back but it never amounted to much. One really cool thing I found out today. Once a month for about the last year our department orders out breakfeast from the diner next to where I work (which means instead of a egg mcmuffin or a doughnut we all order out the whole breakfeast deal, eggs, bacon, toast, and what not) and since I wasn't there today they rescheduled it till tomorrow. Of course when I say my "department" I mean the like twelve of us that are left, but thats cool all the same. Tomorrow morning I'm gong to order the bacon-cheese omelot with a side order of bacon and waffles. So if your not an organ donor, it would be cool if you became one cause I'll need a new heart if I keep eating like this.

Laci Peterson's Family Accuses Husband of Selling Her Car. Gosh I hate to talk about big issues at Your AP Site cause I've got enough stuff to blab about but I've spent the last three days in bed watching cable news seeing this smarmy little weasel not get arrested.

Now this is supercool. The FX Network (I'd link their site but when you go to it there is this huge "forever to load" flash deal that you can't bypass cause there is no "skip intro" feature) seems to have bought more syndicated episodes of M.A.S.H. I saw two episodes today that I haven't seen before. One was where B.J. punched Hawkeye and the other was this weird one (but cool) where everyone was dog tired and when they got a few minutes of sleep they had bad dreams. The Winchester dream was the spookiest, I'm still trying to figure out what it means. I have to say, when it comes to M.A.S.H. I dig Winchestor more than Frank Burns, I like Trapper more than B.J., I like Blake more than Potter, and I love every episode that Colonal Flagg is in. Whenever Sidney the psychiatrist pops in an episode I kind of get bummed out. Although there are a couple of funny episodes with him in.

I did learn one thing in the last few days of laying in bed and doing nothing. When we're at work, obviously the bedroom is where all the cats go to nap during the day. I never noticed this before cause if I'm sick or something I plant myself on the sofa in the living room but I was told a sofa was not good for my back so I spent the last three days in the bedroom. At least once every afternoon each cat would pop up into the bedroom, look around, see me in bed, get a disappointed look on their face and go back downstairs. Occasionally one would try to nap on the bed with me but than I would try to pet them and they would act like they were annoyed and disappear. I think if I had spent another day or two in the bedroom the cats would have tried to "off" me or something.

2/05/2003 09:09:00 PM
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