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Friday, March 14, 2003

Yesterday the drain on our tub stopped working. Or rather started working and wouldn't stop. It wouldn't let any water drain out. The tub has one of those lever things that you push up and down. So I got a screw driver (now this is really amazing cause when I open a tool box its like I'm a stranger in a strangeland) and unscrewed the plate that holds the lever and pulled out the whole lever thingy. Attached to the lever thingy is this weird bucket device that I just took off the lever and screwed everything back in. Now the water drains out, I just can't use the lever to stop the water from draining. I figure I'll just buy one of those bathtub plug things sometime. I guess the point I am trying to make is that I used a tool and fixed something. Which to a normal person is no big deal, but its like an epic thing for me.

Three Die Retrieving Phone from Latrine. I mean, my gosh.

I know last year I pretty much complained almost every day during summer about the heat (imagine that) so I think this year (and actually this weekend) I am going to go to Walmart and buy two more air conditioners which would bring my total up to five. Than when the first hot day comes I am going to turn them all on and leave them on for the rest of the summer.

The new McDonalds Canjun Filet O' Fish. Stay away from it. The cajun sauce tastes like barbecue chips or something. Its totally gross. But you can still get two regular filet o' fish for like $2.22, which is pretty good. I'm still not over them taking the Big N' Tasty off the dollar menu though.

The TV here at work was on all day. I'm wondering if this is going to start being a regular thing. That would be a really good thing cause than I would catch the last half hour of the John Walsh show every day. Although I am sure I would be out voted for the rest of the days programming because it was on the soaps all day.

Oooh, cool news. They just had this on the TV. The "Falcon" from the movie "Falcon and the Snowman" was released from prison. I don't know his real name, but Timothy Hutton played him. Sean Penn was the other dude.

If Wal Mart has them in stock, on the way home I am going to buy two Fedders 5,200 BTU Room Air Conditioners. My goal is to keep the house at exactly 68 degrees from June until September. I'm gong to plant tomotoes this year too, so I think I am going to pick up some stuff for that.

Kordell Stewart just signed with the Chicago Bears for five million dollars for 2 years. They are not mentioning anything about a signing bonus. I'd have thought he could have gotten a lot more. Especially since quarterbacks are rare. Of course there may be a signing bonus but they've not reported it.

I found something really cool at work. Downstairs in the medicine cabnet (we have free things like tylenol and antacids and stuff) there's pills called "Pain Aids". The main ingrediant is asprin and the second main ingrediant is caffiene. Its like free vivarin.

3/14/2003 09:15:00 AM
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