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Sunday, March 16, 2003



The Top Ten Songs Of All Time (in my opinion)
I spent like an hour thinking about this this morning. I'll probably remember a billion other songs tomorrow, but I'll give it a try now. And this is in order.

1. The End -The Doors -This was the first song that came to my head when I thought about the top ten. The way it was used in Apocalypse Now was like a masterpiece too.

2. My Sweet Lord -George Harrison -I don't see how anyone could not like this song.

3. The Road To Hell -Chris Rhea -I have never met another person who has ever heard this song or who knows who Chris Rhea is.

4. Mother Of Violence -Peter Gabriel -This was hard because when I started the list I decided that no musician should appear twice and there so many Gabriel songs that should be on this list, but I would call this his best.

5. Piano Fighter -Warren Zevon -I bought a live album of Warren's just for "Werewolves Of London" and this wonderful song was on it. I wish I could have seen him live, but not at an arena or anything. Just Warren Zevon and a piano.

6. Dogs -Pink Floyd I saw Pink Floyd in 1987 during their Momentary Lapse of Reason tour in Toronto. It was like a religous experience or something. I don't think they played anything from Animals though. That was also the first time I ever got stoned, by proxy.

7. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant -Billy Joel -I had a chance to see him and Elton John in concert but the good seats cost almost five hundred dollars or something. I had a friend that went though (he's still paying off his Visa from it) and said Joel was great but Elton John stunk.

8. Bullet The Blue Sky (Rattle And Hum Version) -U2 -I don't think Rattle And Hum gets the accolades it should. I really think its their best. I loved the Joshua Tree version but this one just blew my mind. I even like Bono's rant in the middle of the song.

9. Tuesday Afternoon -The Moody Blues I warped my Moody Blues casette listening to this song a billion times.

10. The Garden Of Allah -Don Henley I actually had to research the lyrics to understand what Don Henley was writing about, and I just recently (after watching an A&E biography) did I find out what he meant by Fitzgerald and Huxley. I'm starting to think this should be higher on the list.

Now this is weird. If you go to you are here of course. but if you go to with the www's, you go to some site that has some weird valentine banner. I think someone hijacked your AP Site! I reported it to blogger on that new cool blog control thing and I'm waiting for the problem to be reviewed. It is a pretty banner though.

It is so nice out that it is depressing to be at work. I can see though the window here at work that there are kids playing in the parking lot, I'm sure the birds are singing, I even saw an elderly couple walking down the street holding hands and smiling. One good thing though, the original Terminator is on TV. Still no word on the Valentine problem. If it is a problem. I also deleted my last post by accident. I'm fairly certain it was whiny one anyways.

Local author says county man lived after Custer's 'Last Stand'
That local author was actually my school guidance counciler (sp?). I remember him as being a very super nice guy. If I had listened to him more I'd probably be rich or something. I've got to get that book.

Awesome, time to go home soon. I'm going to listen to the rebroadcast of Dick Clark Rock Roll and Remember on the way home, and if the vcr didn't break I'll watch American Dreams. I'm going away all day tomorrow on chores so I doubt I'll be posting anything.

3/16/2003 09:27:00 AM
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