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Thursday, March 27, 2003

There's no such thing as fresh fish. At least not here in Pennsylvania. I picked this up from watching "The Perfect Storm". If you saw the movie, what they do is catch the fish, and than put it in these big ice compartments where it no doubt freezes. My one coworker went the the supermarket and confirmed this, the guy at the fish department said all the fish that we get here has to be frozen or else it would spoil on the way here. They really shouldn't advertize it as "fresh" than. Unless of course you catch it at a lake yourself and take it home and eat it.

Christmas Memories, Volume 1
Back in 1996 I think (might have been 97), we were all at my parents for Christmas like we usually do. Pretty much what I get for Christmas is things like socks and stuff. I don't buy socks unless its late in the year and I can't make it til December 25th. We also get money. That Christmas I got the socks and stuff but no money. I really wasn't suprized cause a couple weeks before I borrowed money form them for new tires and my mom told me not to worry about paying them back, which I thought was my Christmas present. I also got coat, and a god awful sweater that had Rudolph on it, and some fake money with Santa, Rudolph, and and Elf, on the bills instead of the Presidents. I remember stuffing all the sweater an the other junk I didn't want into a box and putting it in a closet.
Five months later I was digging through the closet looking for dice (we were playing monopoly but the dice was missing and I was sure I had some dice somewhere). I open up the box that had the god awful sweater and I saw the fake money. I grabbed it to show everyone (the god awful sweater and the fake money) and I took some dice out of some other board games. Well I passed the god awful sweater around and the fake money. Everyone pretty much agreed that it was the ugliest sweater they had ever seen. Than one of my friends who was looking at the funny money said something like "You are probably the biggest airhead I have ever known." I laughed (I am an airhead, that statement, didn't suprize me). And he said; "No, you are the biggest airhead. This is real money". Than he peeled the sticker off of one of the bills (a hundred, and two fifties). They were Christmas thingys that you put on bills before you give them away as a gift.
I got so excited I called my oldest sister who pretty much thought I was a dork because she knew they were real money, but when I called my twin sister, she was just as shocked as I was, and spent the next hour digging up the fake money. We never told my mom and dad cause they already think we're dorks.

Christmas Memories Volume 2
My dad was the one that usaully did the Christmas shopping when we were kids. He is really meticulous so my mom left that up to him. I think it was 1980 opr 1981 he kind of messed up and got a couple things wrong, and we didn't get exactly what we had wanted. So the next year, instead of us just giving him our Christmas list to mail to Santa he did it differently. Sometime in mid November after dinner he said everyone is going to have to remain at the dinner table after the dishes are cleared. Than he handed us each a piece of yellow legal pad paper and a pencil. Than he gave this speech (I pretty much know it verbatim, he says the speech as a joke each Thanksgiving);

"Christmas is going to be a little different this year. Santa Claus has decided that, for the first time, he will be delivering gifts to children in China. Up until now he didn't deliver to the Communists, but its not the kids fault that their parents are communist. What this means is that an extra one billion kids are getting toys this year. That also means that Santa and his elves will not actually be able to make all the toys in their toyshops. He may have to send some of his elves to stores to purchase the toys that he does not have time to make. So, when make out your Christmas list you have to have it to me by the end of November. Also, next to each item on your list, you will describe in what store, and in what particular isle of that store that you saw the item you want. That way Santa and his elves will know exactly where to go in case they do not have enought time to make the toy themselves."

I'll do volume 3 and 4 tomorrow.

I just found out that I have Monday off. They over scheduled by accident for Monday and asked me if I wanted to take the day off. I can't remember the last time I had a three day weekend. If I lived in the United Kingdom i'd take part in this: Hedgehog Rescue Plan Begins in Scotland .

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