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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Nothing more depressing than coming back to work after having two days off. I did get a heck of a lot of stuff done though and saw a couple movies. Not in the theatre of course, from Blockbuster. I saw The Perfect Storm which was really good. Its amazing what the Coast Gaurd does during sea rescues. One bummer though, I found after the movie that they never found the Andrea Gail, so what happened on the boat was probably just artistic conjecture (did I use those words properly?). But I cool movie all the same.

I also did some more real work at home. I bought 16 feet of extension for the dryer hose so we can vent out into the backyard (where it was venting before was not good). I bought a dead bolt for the laundry room cause the cats figured out how to open the door, the dead bolt is a little crooked but it works. Note: I used the screwdriver set that I won in a contest here at work. I also put a shower stopper drain thing and it was actually the right size. I'm not a bath person though I prefer a shower, to me its like your just sitting in dirty water.

I actually saw someone use a Segway thingy at the mall on monday, it was a kind of demonstration at this show they were doing. I have to say, they looked kind of funny, and it looks really awkward. Most folks at the show didn't seem to like it.

saw Barbecue Fumes Adding to Haze. I call this a good problem to have. If you've ever been to Texas you know that there are like a million barbecue restaurants where most just what they have is barbecued ribs and such. If its not to hot and you not blasting your a.c. you can smell some of them a mile away. Thats got to be the best advertizing in the world. I should go to Texas and market my idea I had last year of "Barbamittens", latex like gloves (but not made out of latex) that you would be given anytime you ordered barbecued ribs so your hands wouldn't get messy. I know of only one barbecue restaurant (you know that just does barbecue mainly) around here, and its like thirty miles away.

My parents came down to take me out to dinner yesterday (they say its because they had shopping to down here but I think its because they miss me). This is party because I haven't needed to borrow any money from them this year (which is truly amazing), and partly because of the bad weather keeping me from getting up there. Well anyway, I like going out to eat with them because they pay (I never pay, oh no, never. The way I see it, they could have invested into IBM when I was little, since they didn't and hence I'm not rich, they pay). But there is one bummer. It takes them forever to eat. I mean, I'm done eating in like 25 minutes and they're not even done the main course and they still have their twenty five minute dessert round. I try to eat slower but I just can't. What worse is, I eat more than they do.

3/19/2003 09:16:00 AM
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