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Thursday, March 06, 2003

Now this is sad news. McDonalds has taken the Big and Tasty off their dollar menu (thats the one that replicated the Whopper). They've replaced it with the double cheeseburger. What a total bummer. I hope thier stock bottoms out today or something. That is if it hasn't already done that.

Now this is weird. I wrote a few days ago I think, that there was rumors of more layoffs. That turns out to be false because we all just got an email this morning about how bonuses will be paid out next Wednesday. Which is also weird because in the beginning of the year (or maybe earlier) they told everyone there would be no bonuses this year. A bonus usually turns out to be about two or three weeks pay. Maybe what they meant is next year we won't get any bonuses for this year. Either or, yay bonuses!!!!!!


The Stroehmanns Bread Delivery Murder

Now this is a true story (I might have blogged this a year or so ago I don't remember). I was staying at a hotel in Sunbury PA in I think 1993, for a friends wedding. Earlier in the afternoon I stopped at a hardware store (I don't remember why). Accross from the hardware store was a restaurant that had its windows boarded up and on the restaurants sign (where I guess they would advertize specials) was printed "We will miss you Dad, love the kids." I asked the guy at the hardware store what that was all about.
It turns out this guy and his wife owned the restaurant for about three years. The wife would open the store up in the mornings and the husband would close it down at night. Sometime in the last year she had started having an affair with the Stroehmanns bread delivery guy. He would come by in the mornings for their bread delivery and than they would both go to a hotel for a couple hours while a store employee opened the restaurant (a friend of the wife).
Well the husband somehow got wind of this. So the night before a bread delivery he came home and told his wife that the restaurant was flooded and that he had a plumber scheduled to come out in the morning and she didn't have to bother opening the restaurant, he would be there. Of course there was no flood. He went to the store that morning with a shotgun and a pistol. When the Stroehmann bread delivery guy came the husband shot him dead and than turned the pistol on himself.
Now this is where it gets tragic. The night before, the regular Stroehmann bread delivery guy called in sick with the flu, and the husband actually shot the wrong man before killing himself. The hardware store guy told me that the wife than sold the restaurant and her the and Stroehman bread delivery guy moved to Florida.

My one coworker is freaking out because the President is speaking at 8pm and tonight and its going to ruin what she planned on watching on TV tonight. Now this is whats great about cable tv, if you remember a long time ago when the President spoke it was pretty much watch him or watch PBS, but know you have a million other channels so I don't know why she's freaking out. Of course I won't get to see the President or anything else cause I'll be at work. We can watch tv at work but unless its a weekend its hard because there's more work to do.

This will probably be the last post at Your AP Site until I think Sunday or Monday morning. I have to catch up on writing reviews at The Weblog Review. Which is always cool to do though.

3/06/2003 08:38:00 AM
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