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Saturday, March 15, 2003

amanda peterson

I was so hung over this morning. The sun was way to bright, my head hurt, and it seemed like every super noisy vehicle was on the freeway this morning. And of course to add to the misery there was not one good song on the radio on the drive in to work. I'm feeling a little better now though, I drank a ton of water this morning and took tylenol. Someone told me once that the reason you are hungover is cause you are really dehydrated. I'm not sure if thats the truth, but lots of water does seem to help.

Kids with high hopes face disillusionment. No (expletive deleted), Dick Tracy.

I am so not buying into Don Johnson having 8 billion dollars and being a money launderer. I saw him on Larry King Live last night and he's definatly believable. He seemed just as shocked about it as anyone else. I did find out that the story first appeared in a German tabloid and than a bunch of other newspapers picked up on it from there.

I just read a blog from the "frequently updated" list that had an entry for Sunday March 16th. And I lost it (I closed the window before I realized that it wasn't March 16th). I really don't remember much from the entry. Now this has me thinking. How could someone post for tomorrow. Its got to be either one of two things.
a). The blog was from Taiwan or something where it might be Sunday. But it was in English and didn't mention anything about another country from what I can remember.
b). For a few seconds I was magically transported into the future and read a blog entry.
I'm hoping it will pop up again in the frequently updated list.

3/15/2003 10:53:00 AM
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