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Tuesday, March 11, 2003

I would have loved to posted early today but I had today off and the computer is upstairs here at home and that is just way too much work to do. You know, go upstairs, sign on to the internet and actually post something. Especially since there is just way to much good stuff on TV during the day. I call what I do on a day off "Couch Yoga". You know how you see those folks that are into Yoga and how at peace they look when they are doing it? Thats how I am on a day off in the livingroom in front of the TV. I mean there is just way too much good TV on between 11am and 6pm to do anything else but watch TV. I do occasionally get off the couch though when I have to go to the bathroom, or if I have to get something to eat, or when the mailman comes (thats a highlight of the day, mail is just cool, I don't know why), or when my pain in the (expletive deleted) neighbor Spencer comes over. Speaking of which, Spence told me earlier today that we should grab a bag of garbage from the guy accross the street (the guy he thinks is in the Witness Protection Program) and go through it. Tomorrow night is garbage night and the sad thing is, I will probably end up as lookout while Spence steals a bag of his garbage. The idea is to take the bag into my basement (his is used as a playroom for his one year old) and go through it. I'm hoping tomorrow night when I post that I do not describe the details of tearing through someones garbage bag. I know this whole thing sounds totally stupid, (and sometimes I think Spence is pretty stupid) but on any given night I really don't have anything better to do.

Five Confessions
I came across this idea at a blog that I read from the "Ten Most Recently Update Blogs" at blogger. The sad thing is, I don't remember the blog, I just remember the idea. Normally when I come accross a blog that has something interesting on it I save it to favorites, but I forgot to (it was at work and I was busy). But anyway, the idea is this. You spontaniously (sp?) make five confessions about yourself that you would not tell anyone in public. So here's mine.

1) I was a bed wetter until I was 13 years old. This was so (SO!) embaressing. Whenever I spent the night at a friends house I would have trouble going to sleep because I was worried about it.

2) Right now I am addicted to The John Walsh Show. Todays episode was about moms who had a drug addiction while they brought up their kids and over came it. I think I came close to tears twice.

3) I am allergic to fresh fruit. I've allways been allergic to fresh fruit, but somehow my parents have forgotten about it. I don't know how, they had to deal with it for almost eighteen years. Now whenever we go and visit my parents up North for dinner my mom always makes a salad (along with the meal) and adds apple slices to it. So I always try to pick them out (they so look like cucumber slices) and I always have some Benydril (sp?) on hand for after dinner. I've never had the guts to remind them about my allergy.

4) In December 1985, me, my friends; Billy, Marv, and Marty, stole the baby Jesus from the nativity scene at St. Joesephs Church (the church we went to) and buried him up at the reservoir. What totally blew our minds was, two days after we did it, St. Joe's said in the local paper that the Baby Jesus from the Nativity Scene would cost almost four hundred dollars to replace and they were accepting donations. That was total bull, cause the Baby Jesus we stole was made out of the same plastic cheap stuff that those pink flamingos people put in their yards are made out of. Baby Jesus even sade "Made In Taiwan" on his rear end. Just for nostalgia whenever I go home and see Marv we often talk about digging up Baby Jesus and giving him back to the church. Coincidentaly, Marv is now the police chief of the town just North of the one we grew up in.

5) I cried while watching Ghost for the first time just about two weeks ago.

Whew! That was tough. I'll probably delete this whole post tomorrow when I come to my senses.

The cool shows that are on between 11am and 6pm daytime;
1) 11am The John Walsh Show
2) 12pm The Local News
3) 1pm NYPD Blue
4) 2pm NYPD Blue
5) 3pm In The Heat Of The Night
6) 4pm Battle Star Galactica (Sci Fi Channel)
7) 5pm King Of The Hill
8) 5:30pm Simpsons
9) 6pm Simpsons (on a different Fox channel)

3/11/2003 09:20:00 PM
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