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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

amanda peterson

Well I haven't been able to post anything for the last two days cause the Important People at work have spent the last two days visitng our company. The Important People are supervisors from out of state (they are our boss's bosses) who occasionally (sp?) come by to check things out. Not that I mind them at all, its just that when they're there its probably not a good time to do a whole lot of blogging. I kind of actually like it when they come by. My bosses just hate it of course. The Important People are actually super cool to us none supervisor employees (one brought me coffee this afternoon) and they brought doughnuts in for everyone. I do feel bad for my two bosses though cause when Important People come its kind of like an audit for them or something.

Your AP Site Author, Radio Superstar!!

Well, thats kind of an overstatement. Tonight around 8pm I was on the radio! The radio station thats piped in our overhead p.a. system at work all day and night WARM 103 had a trivia question that I got the answer to (the Important People were long gone by then). The question was, "A flock of geese on the ground is called a gaggle, what is a flock of geese in the air called?" So I real quick typed that into Google, came up with the answer and called the radio station. After about four or so busy signals I got through and was actually the first person to get the answer right, so I was on the radio with the D.J. Me and my coworkers got a thrill out of it. The answer by the way is a "zein" or "sein", I kind of forget exactly now. The D.J. did ask me how I knew the answer and I told him the truth, that I cheated and googled it, he got a kick out of that. It is so weird to hear your voice on the radio. More tomorrow.

3/05/2003 08:26:00 PM
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