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Friday, April 04, 2003

amanda peterson

For breakfeast here at work; 2 large sausage links, 2 scrambled eggs, four pieces of french toast (with syrup), two large strips of bacon, and hot tea. I have noticed here at work that Friday must be the day to call off sick. The parking lot is only a quarter full. I had previously thought when I was arrive at work in the middle of the day that folks were just out to lunch. Of course, because of the layoffs last year on a day when everyone is at work, the parking lot is only half full. Which makes it easier to find a parking spot close to the door.

Speaking of the layoffs of last year, yesterday was the first time since the layoffs I actually had to wait for someone to be finished with the microwave, which pre-layoffs was a pain in the rear. See, some good does come out of layoffs.

Okay I remember I mentioned this a couple weeks ago. I just saw someone sneak down the hallway and leave work early. From the window I watched said person jog to their car and take off. I am so tempted to try this but I am sure someone would say, "Hey, where's ______?" About three or four people do it every Friday. Not allways the same people.

Although about two months ago around lunch time I went out to the car to take a nap for like forty five minutes or so, slept out there for close to three hours, and when I came back in no one seemed to notice.
I can't imagine every getting that lucky again.

The company I work for has offices in about thirty states, and once a month I have to call the different branches acting like a customer and than write down how well the different folks I talked to handled the call. At first it was fun, but now when I say someone stunk on a report, I wonder, what if they are just having a bad day and their normally just fine. There are way too many employees to reach everyone more than once.

4/04/2003 07:44:00 AM
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