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Thursday, April 17, 2003


Yesterday it was like eighty some degrees (felt like 90) and now its just below freezing. As much as I complained about the winter (I really just complained about the driving conditions) I definatly would take the cold over the hot weather. I remember last year, I think at last count, I had made 32 posts complaining about the weather. Of course this year I have more air conditioners, I just have to figure out which outlets are on which breakers so when I turn them all on I don't blow fuses. Which means I have to turn all the lights on, and than all the breakers off, and than one by one turn the breakers on to identify the outlets. And than make up a chart, to see where I should plug them all in. Gosh I hope I don't blow up the house.

I got the new bed yesterday, and was actually able to keep my parents from coming into the house. It was an elaborate ruse. I told them the cable guy was inside and was taking up the whole living room with his junk, so we just loaded it onto the back porch and went out to eat. Yup, I lied to my parents. But, the stakes were high. I hadn't even vacuumed.

Rampant Wild Boar Surprises Couple in Bed. The story really doesn't interest me at all. The interesting thing is that in an effort to I guess help you understand the story of a raging wild boar, Yahoo News decided to put up a picture of a small piglet, in the air.

So now, because of circumstances beyond my control, I have more work to do everyday. I think it has something to do with layoffs that happened in a different state, but either or, its a bummer. Also, Good Friday isn't a holiday anymore, like it used to be (we do get the day after Thanksgiving as a holiday). Not that I wouldn't have had to work it anyway, I just would have gotten time and a half, plus eight hours of vacation pay for it. So Good Friday won't be that good for me this year.

Well, Dr. Atkins died, which is a bummer. I have a super fast metabolism so I never had to go on a diet, but if your like me and have a significant other that goes on a diet, that pretty much means your on the diet too. I liked his diet (lots of steak!), and it certainly seems to work.

4/17/2003 07:19:00 AM
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