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Friday, April 25, 2003

I must be low on protien or something. I've had an egg craving since yesterday. Last night before bed I had an egg salad sandwhich. This morning on the way to the bank (woo hoo, pay day!) I bought an egg mcmuffin, and then here at work we ordered out and I had scrambled eggs and sausage. Koo koo, ka choo.

A Big Mac only costs a $1.20 in China. This is just plain wrong. How come Chinese food, which I'm addicted to, is super expensive here and our Big Macs (which I hold dear to my heart) are so cheap there? There is something fundamentally wrong with the whole economic system of world.

Did you see the new Arby's commercial about the new roast beef sandwhich? Well, I'm going to have one in about a half an hour. And than I'll tell everyone how it is. Thats pretty much the excitement for today I guess.

Okay, I just washed the car and was able to get about 70% of the bird poopey off of it (had to park under a tree this week). Before vacumming I found;
1) 2 pens, one black, one blue.
2) $1.75 in assorted change. I was disappointed, last time I did a lot better.
3) 4 carefully folded napkins.
4) 2 sugar packets
5) 1 McDonalds straw, still in its wrapper (this was from last week, I thought they didn't give me a straw and told all my coworkers how they ruined my lunch because of it, oops).
6) 1 McDonalds "Winning Time" game ticket that entitles me to 1 medium beverage.

I also had the new Arby's roast beef sandwhich. The beef actually tasted really good, I didn't care for the sauce though. They said it was ranch and kind of tasted like the Hardee's Horsey sauce.

Just to be fair (cause sometimes I complain about blogger), I used that blogger control function to report a problem and had an email from Pyra in less than an hour with my problem resolved. Cool.

Okay, I asked a coworker who was passing an Office Max on the way in to work tonight to pick me up the printer cartridge I need. She didn't have a problem with it, which means the problems I have finding the right cartridge are just unique to me. Which doesn't suprize me at all. Anyways I think tonight I'm going to print all the stuff out that has been hiding in my favorites in I.E. and the bookmarks in my Mozilla. I'm probably going to have a few adult beverages too, so if you see a really silly post after this one, well thats why. If it is really silly (some people get seriouse when they have adult beverages, I get silly) than I'll just get rid of it tomorrow. Like of done so many times. I should save some of those posts though.

4/25/2003 09:06:00 AM
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