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Monday, April 07, 2003

amanda peterson

Its April 7th and its snowing like gangbusters outside the window here at work. They say we may get five inches. This just plain (expletive deleted). I also think I am one of the few people left in the world to use the phrase "gangbusters".

I am completley bummed out about the David Bloom thing. We have four televisions but only two of them are hooked up to cable, the one in the living room and the one in the bedroom. I know it would be easy peasy japanesey (haven't heard that phrase in a while I bet too), to buy some cable and run it off a splitter but I am way to lazy. Anyways, the tv in the kitchen is just off the antennae so I only get three channels. NBC, Fox, and a very fuzzy UPN (or maybe WB, its so fuzzy I can't tell). So I watch the Today show in the mornings and every morning there's David Bloom doing his thing. I've always dug him cause I really only get to watch the entire Today Show on weekends and he's the weekend guy. Those embolisms (I just know I'm spelling that wrong) freak me out the way annuerisms do. They can hit anytime and you have no clue, its just whammo, your gone. I did watch an episode of X-Files though where Scully said a lot of anneurisms happen when your in the bathroom, so you know what I am thinking about half the time in the bathroom.
I think that episode was the cockaroach one.

Over the weekend I watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica that I had actually never seen before. And was probably the corniest. There was no Starbuck and no Adoma's son (I forget his name) but two other guys, and they were on earth, and helping this farmer farm stuff because the fleet needed food. It was really good until the kids started flying around and planting seeds (and the background music was really corny). Than I watched another episode where they explain the disappearence of Starbuck, that he crashed on a planet and befriends a Cylon. They never explained what happened to him after that, and my big worry is that they canceled the show before it could be explained.

Now this is supercool. While I was looking up stuff on Battlestar Galactica I came accross Dirk Benedict's web page Dick Benedicts Kamikaze Cowboy Website. He has a book out about how he beat colon cancer. On his own. Which is amazing cause I can't handle a headache with Tylenol. Its also amazing that I ever get anything done here at work.

We have important people touring the building today, which means not much more post tonight. Unless the important people go. Its amazing how many importmant upper management people from out of state that want to visit our building. Maybe our building is like the showplace of our company or something.

4/07/2003 09:10:00 AM
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