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Monday, April 28, 2003

Okay, I'm not going to start a countdown or anything, but my summer vacation will be the second week in July. Years ago I used to take one long two week vacation in the summer, but about three years ago I decided to take eight days in January or February, than eight more in June or July, and I have to say, its much better than one long vacation. And the cool thing about the first vacation is that its usually bitterly cold and I actually get stuff done around the house. Of course this July we're going to North Carolina where the only thing I'll get done is a lot of adult beverages and barbeque. I just hope its not to hot. I mean, it get hot up here in the summer, but down there it gets Dante's Inferno like hot.

Man's Best Friend to Be Trained to Sniff Out Cancer
. That sounds like a great idea but I don't like it at all. As much as a hypochondriac that I am, everytime a dog sniffs me I'll think I have cancer.

About two minutes after my last post, the network went down and I couldn't get on to the internet so in my free time I actually (gasp) had to read a book. Not that I would have posted anyting profound anyways. I would have liked to have posted how good my porkchop and rice lunch was, and how hot it was too. The weather, not the pork chop.

So while the network was down I played seven games of computer solitaire and not once did I win. Which proves my theory the a computer cannot predict the randomness of a deck of cards. Sometimes the computer, in trying to mimic randomness, prevents you from winning a game, so as to appear random. I should have at least won two or at least one of the games. And I'm really not a sore loser. Really.

Now this is cool. Thanks to The Wayback Machine this is what Your AP Site Looked Like On December 10th 2001. Of course without our pictures and what not, its pretty much a cached view. I loved that salmon pink color than, but now, yeesh. That post was only about six months after this blog was started. The link for the "Neither New Nor Improved Dork Blog" is actually to the The Dork Blog, which at the time, as you might guess, was not new, nor improved. Of course after it was improved and new, we stole most of the old ideas.

4/28/2003 10:45:00 AM
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